10 Best Ways to Quit Smoking

You have decided to quit smoking. The sooner you get cigarettes and nicotine out of your life, the healthier you will be. When you start with some healthier habits, you will be closer to your goal of a smoke-free body and a smoke-free life.

One helpful tip is to give up the beverages which you have long associated with smoking. As these types of beverages are not usually healthy anyway, you will be doing yourself a double favor. If you have the habit of lighting up a cigarette whenever you drink a cup of tea or coffee, drinking milk or juice instead will help you to stop and think, rather than automatically lighting up.

Walking is a healthy new habit which will give you rewards now and in the future. When you are on your journey to becoming smoke-free, this activity can help you to keep your mind off smoking. You can see the sights in your neighborhood, talk to the people you meet, or take pictures. Best of all, you will not be smoking. When you take up the habit of walking instead of sitting at home smoking, it will have a positive effect on your general health and overall sense of well-being. It is an activity which will benefit you in more ways than one.

When you decide to quit smoking, getting into the habit of drinking glasses of cool, pure water will help you. Water will assist in flushing the toxic chemicals from your body, and leave you feeling great.

If you seriously want to quit smoking permanently, get rid of all of the products associated with smoking. These means your tobacco products, ashtrays, the lighters or matches you use to light your cigarettes, and even those tempting coupons you have to save money on cigarettes. Tell yourself you will save much more money by not buying cigarettes at all.

Another tip for quitting is to avoid smokers whenever possible. While it is logical that you may be tempted to light up when you get the aroma of their second-hand smoke, there is yet another valid reason. Many times, people who know you’re a smoker, but are not yet aware that you have quit, will offer you one just to be polite.

Treating yourself to something nice is beneficial to quitting the habit. Think of the amount of money you usually spend on cigarettes in one day or one week, and use the money for something better. You can buy a little present for yourself, or treat yourself to a movie or other activity which you enjoy.

When you are in the earliest stages of quitting, it is important to get plenty of fresh air. One benefit of this is clearing your lungs. However, fresh air will also help get rid of the lingering aroma of smoke which may be left on your skin and clothes.

You may also wish to consider smoking-cessation aids. None of these aids should be used without first asking your doctor’s advice. They can include hypnotherapy, patches, nicotine gum, and other products. Your physician will know which method is safest for you.

Keeping yourself in the right state of mind is also important. This is not as difficult as it may sound. If you begin to crave a cigarette, simply tell yourself that you do not need it. You may be surprised at how effective willpower can be when it is used in a positive manner.

Finding an appropriate substitute for smoking cigarettes is very useful, especially if you have chosen the “cold-turkey” method of quitting. One factor which many people do not realize is that the smoking habit consists of an oral habit as well as the nicotine addiction itself. You can choose a product which is intended for both the hand and the mouth, such as lollipops. It works, and it works quite well.


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