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10 Surefire Ways To Grab A Skimmer's Attention

  • By Kevin Sinclair
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Writing for the Web

People don’t have much time to read your sales letters and would rather skim them. They will scan your letter and read only those that catches their eyes. Is the solution to have a short one? No, it’s not. Generally, long sales letters convert better. You will have more time to present the features and benefits of your product and convince your readers to buy. If a short sales letter is not the solution, how, then, do you grab the attention of a skimmer so he can read all the important aspects of your sales letter? The following are ways that can help you make them read further: 1. Create a good first impression. Your ad copy should look professional. It should make the reader feel that your letter is worth reading. A misspelled word in your heading can turn off a potential customer. Why would one buy from you if you don’t take care of details? What should your customer expect from your products, or even your support to the product later on? 2. Use a lot of headlines and sub-headlines to easily catch your visitors’ attention. Expand on the benefits and features of your product. Have a sub-headline on each benefit. Your readers may want to read further if they find your headlines and sub-headlines interesting. 3. Use pictures or graphics that show your product and bonuses. They will make your product more concrete to your visitors. Pictures and graphics also easily attract eyeballs. 4. Be sure your graphics load fast and correctly. People don’t want to wait. This is true especially if your graphics is at the top of your sales letter, and your whole web site will only be shown after downloading that picture.

5. Use short s

entences or sentence fragments. It is easier to read and understand short sentences than long ones. By just looking at the length of your sentences, the visitor will know the degree of difficulty in reading your sales letter. 6. Use color, bold, italics, underlining to highlight important words and phrases. However, use them sparingly. Too much of them may look like you are in hysterics and will turn away potential buyers. Use highlighting near the area where you want to have your visitors read more. You may want them to read the features or benefits of your product. 7. Pick the three most powerful and appealing benefits of your product and repeat them in various parts of your sales letter. This will help your visitors to easily remember these benefits. Just be sure to rewrite them, so it won’t appear that you just copied and pasted them in your ad copy. 8. Use bullets to list the features and benefits of your product. Bullets make reading easier, making your visitor to read more. 9. Use a “P.S.”/”P.P.S.”/etc. at the end. This is some of the most read section of a sales letter. You may repeat the strong point of your product, remind the bonuses included, or emphasize the urgency for the prospect to make an action. 10. With a long sales letter, place buy buttons at different places of the letter. Your prospect may have been convinced to buy, so provide them with the opportunity to do so.

People are in a hurry to quickly get over reading a sales letter. Unless something catches their eyes, they would just skim over the letter and go on to the next site. They might miss the important points, and you lose them as customers. However, with the optimal use of eye-catching techniques, you may be able to have them read more, and convince them to click on that buy button.



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