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12 Ways To Make Your Own Internet Home Business Website To Improve The Conversion Rate

  • By Juhani Tontti
  • Published 06/27/2008
  • Writing for the Web

You may know that the conversion rate of your own internet home business website is much more important than the number of visitors. A good website, which converts well, brings returning visitors through recommendations and bookmarks better than anything else, because that is the most important element of your marketing system. 1. Direct Your Website Into A Narrow, Special Focus. During the business planning of your internet home business opportunity, you have done some sharp selections to be able to offer unique content and to be able to stand out from the crowd. Now you should be able to write the consumer promise of your offer with a couple of words and very simply, that is your focus. Almost everything on your website should lead the visitors toward deciding to take that primary action. Nothing on the page should distract them and “lead them off down other trails. The most used actions are to join your optin list, buy a product or get a free report. Make sure that you know what you want your visitors to focus on and get rid of the other distractions. Many researches prove that without a clear focus, a consumer promise, the website does not succeed to reach the success, especially if it has too many calls into actions. The result is then, that your visitor will continue surfing. 2.The Website Must Be A Part Of Your Personality And The Visitor Must Meet You. All internet home business connections are based on two things: trust and brand. If the site visitor will not meet the owner of the site, how he could trust a site and how he can build an image of the brand. One of the best ways to build a unique website and stand out from the crowd is to personalize your site by putting your own personality into fire. Your visitors want to know your expertise and your history. No one can copy your own personality, it is the utmost best way to build trust and brand loyalty in a unique way. You can easily add video or audio to your website, and allow it to “touch” your visitor on an emotional level. When people hear your own voice or see you talking and when they see your body language, you communicate so more effectively than just with the written copy. And how easy these two are to make. If you want to add audio to your internet home business website all you need is microphone plugged into your computer and if you install a video, you need a webcam. You will find services that will take this audio or video, allow you to edit it with some clicks of the mouse, and then stream it from their servers or upload it to your server. A totally splendid service is called Audio Acrobat. You can use it to have customers, subscribers, etc., call in and leave their testimonials. You can record video from webcam to this service too. You can also upload video recorded on a regular video camera to this service, and then stream it from their website. 3. Use Your Own Credentials. Imagine that you have just landed a new website and see just fantastic information, what do you think first? I am sure you will ask, what makes this site owner so professional that he can recommend these things to me? So the owner must have a separate credentials page, where the visitor can read his experiences to be able to build a picture about a very professional, serious marketer. Even better if the testimonials of earlier buyers will tell you, how this guy has served them or how they have benefitted? 4. Use Optin Form To Capture Email Addresses. A short stats exercise: the conversion rate of your own website is somewhere between 0.5 to 1.0 %, so the fraction of site visitors will buy, but what you offer those 99 %, who are not ready to buy yet?

Another fact is that only around 1 % will buy during their first visit, so how can you speak to the 99 % of the visitor later to make a needed impact with the repetition? Normally the sales reaches its p

eak after the fifth visit. The answer is that you must capture their optin email address during their first visit and then you have a tool to reach them over and over again. By giving them a useful related free gift, a special report for instance, as a thank you present, they will give their addresses via the optin form on your website. Now you can follow them by the autoresponder during a long period of time and a part of your marketing is automated. It is important to have a mechanism which take the visitor back to the point, where he has was before he started to fill in the form, because otherwise he may be gone. The form can be also on the popup or popunder form. 5.Let Others Tell The Benefits They Got. The testimonials of your earlier buyers are more effective than your own words. When they tell how they got benefits to their businesses from your products or information with their own words, it will touch your visitors greatly, especially if you manage to get a testimonial from some known expert. Testimonials with photos, audio, or video, are very effective. Testimonials with just a set of initials or with just a first name, have NO credibility. 6.Website Visitors Wait For Benefits, Not Features. The difference is clear. Do not tell your internet home business site visitor, how good products you have, tell them how they will improve their lives. People do not want to buy 12 millimeter drills, they want to get 12 millimeter holes. 7.Do Not Focus On I, Focus On You. Speak about how these great products can help you to make better earnings, because that is the whole idea, why you are on the market. Again: not features but benefits! 8.Offer The Right Payment Options. Most internet home business website visitors want to pay by credit card or some payment processor, like PayPal. Make sure the selection of these options is wide enough and includes the most used ones. 9.Do Not Use Too Many Different Fonts. Many website owners seem to think that the site must be fancy to be successful. That is not the case. If you think the two things, trust and great brand, the copy is absolutely in the main role. You can use different fonts for some very special reason, to underline some important thing for instance. Your pages should be built in such a way that your urgent visitor can go it through by just reading the headlines and subheadlines and to get a picture. Remember the power of the P.S. The visitor should be able to go to the bottom of the page, read the “P.S.” where you’ve restated your promise and order without being forced to read the rest of the page. 10. The Job Of The Header Graphics Is To Promise The Main Benefit. It should draw the attention and be simple enough to tell the visitor in one second, what benefits you promise to him from your internet home business website. 11.Underline The Guarantee. A guarantee is an important element of the trust and the brand. It is a sign of a fair play and about risk free purchase. If the visitor will buy by credit card or by payment processor, he will get the guarantee anyway. But if the customer claims his money back from the credit card company, it will pay you extra money.And if they do this with Clickbank, for instance, this company will most probably stop doing business with you.When you use a refund guarantee, it will improve the conversion rate but not your refunding rate. 12.P.S. At The Bottom Is An Effective Call To Action. This is because many busy surfers will jump directly to P.S. to get the idea of the main promise. This is the case especially, if they have been presold before landing to your internet home business website with the article marketing for instance. As a summary, your internet home business website is the most important element of your business and it must convert well. You may have found out that the conversion rate is more important than the number of visitors you manage to drive to your site.

The good news is that you can always improve the conversion rate by testing the different elements regularly. Follow especially the websites of the best performing internet home business marketers and think whether their ideas fit to you and your business plan.



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