18th Birthday Party Ideas

At 18, your teen feels grown up and will want a birthday party to celebrate his or her new status. Good planning will ensure the success of the party regardless of your budget. Here are some ideas for successful 18th birthday parties, in every budget range, that your teen will not think childish.

Celebrate the 18th birthday with a party at home. Music is always a necessity. Karaoke and dancing provide entertainment for a whole evening. Also, anything to do with food will be a big hit. Teens can make personal pizzas or tacos with ingredients set out in advance. With other snacks and lots of soft drinks, the guests will be entertained and well-fed, and your cost will be low.

Celebrate the 18th birthday with a party at a beach. Everyone likes hamburgers or hot dogs, simple and filling food at low cost. Entertainment and decorations are not necessary. The beach and water provide the activities.

Celebrate the 18th birthday at a concert. This will be much more expensive. Provide each guest with front-row tickets. Hire a limo for transportation, and take the guests to dinner before the concert. If possible, secure backstage passes for your guests. Provide CD’s from the band as favors.

Celebrate the 18th birthday with a party at a paintball range. Invitations must state what the activity will be so that the guests can come prepared with protective clothing. Provide food afterward, at home or at a restaurant.

Celebrate a boy’s 18th birthday with a video game competition. The games can be purchased or rented and provide all the entertainment needed. An abundance of food and soft drinks will more than satisfy the boys.

Celebrate a girl’s 18th birthday with a day at a spa for her and a few friends. Alternatively, a makeover party at home will be much less expensive. The girls can make up each other. Possibly a sales person for a cosmetic company will be willing to help with the makeovers and may provide makeup samples. Be ready to take lots of pictures.

Celebrate the 18th birthday with a murder mystery party. Although you can plan the murder mystery yourself, according to Host a Murder, the mystery packages are available for sale on line. Plan the party around the mystery. The packaged games will provide all the instructions for that particular mystery. Add food and the teens will be satisfied.

Celebrate the 18th birthday with a party at an amusement or theme park. Your budget will determine the number of guests. Provide the tickets and either transport the guests or have them meet at the park. Guests will entertain themselves and appreciate being away from parental supervision.

Your guest of honor, at 18, feels like an adult and wants to be independent. Most of these party ideas honor the teen’s new status. If the 18th birthday party is planned around activities the teens do not consider childish, provides their favorite music, and offers a lot of solid and good food, your party will be a success.


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