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2009 Black Friday Deals and Sales on Office Supplies


Yesterday there were some early Black Friday deals (some still active) I shared with you, so today is the “official” day and there are more that I can share with you now.  Take a look and remember that these are not the only deals and sales you might find with these places, so look around once you get there, I’m just sharing what I feel relates to office supplies.  Dont forget to check out the deals I posted yesterday, and I’ve got a special post lined up for Saturday with a fun contest and then I’m hoping to have more deals and sales for you on Monday.


Not really a discount here, but I just think this Stainless Steel Sharpie gift set is an awesome little stocking stuffer.  Plenty of other deals can be found at Amazon.com if you go here.

Goldspot Luxury Gifts:

They are offering $20 off  your order of $120 or more when you use Google Checkout, plus these great deals:


Red Envelope:

They have a lot of stuff on sale there, you can save 10% on any purchase, 15% on orders $80 or more, and 20% on orders $125 or more.  They do have a lot of nice office supply related gifts there, especially these goatskin business card cases or these leather business card cases. Each are significantly marked down and can be customized with your recipients initials.

Also from Red Envelope, you can pick up these pens made from baseball stadium seats which should qualify for the 20% off discount, and would make an awesome gift for the baseball / pen fanatic in your life…or if you wanted to send one to your favorite office supply blogger, I’m sure that the Yankee ones would be much appreciated. 😉


Some of these links are affiliate links, so yes, if you click and buy something, I make a small % on the sale…while I certainly don’t think I’ll ever be able to quit my day job because of this blog, the revenue that it generates does allow me to make improvements to the site, and most importantly buy new office supplies to review.  I know that there are differing opinions from blog readers who do/don’t like when someone profits from the site, but regardless of  your stance on that, I figured it was best to just put it out there and remind you of the situation here.  Oh, and same also goes for the little Amazon shop that I built (see the tab above or click here) which I hope will be helpful for those of you looking for quick access to some of the best office supplies that I’ve reviewed here.

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