2009 Fantasy Football Focus The Quarterbacks

The 2009 NFL fantasy football season is well underway, and auctions are popping up all over the net. When you are drafting a fantasy football team, the quarterback position is second only to the running back position in importance.

It is imperative that you not only draft a solid fantasy football quarterback, but that you pick up a solid back up as well. Quarterbacks are notoriously fragile in the NFL, and you will almost always have to play at least two or three different ones in a fantasy football season.

To help with your fantasy football draft this year, I have compiled a list of the top ten options at quarterback in this years draft.

1. Peyton Manning – While some would argue that Manning should be a bit lower on the list, I think that this will be an even bigger season for Peyton than usual. The reason? Dungy is gone and Caldwell is in. This means more passing, which means points in fantasy football with quarterbacks.

2. Drew Brees – This guy puts up pinball type numbers every single season for the Saints, and now that his weapons are healthy, I expect them to get even better. Brees will top 5000 yards this season.

3. Tom Brady – While he is coming off an injury, everything in this guy’s history says he will be the same old Brady. Add to this the great Randy Moss and Wes Welker among others, and Brady is set for another big season.

4. Phillip Rivers – Rivers has been steadily climbing this chart for years now, and he is finally ready to move to the next level in fantasy football. Having Antonio Gates healthy will be a huge boost.

5. Aaron Rodgers – This kid looks like a star in the preseason so far, and last year was far from a flop. Rodgers is going to make a big leap this season in fantasy circles.

6. Kurt Warner – Warner simply has too many weapons at his disposal to not rack up fantasy football points. Expect another big year through the air in Arizona.

7. Tony Romo – Romo does not have Owens anymore, but he is not short on weapons. The great running game in Dallas will open things up for Romo this season.

8. Matt Ryan – The young “Mattie Ice” is far from a rookie after leading the Atlanta Falcons to a great year in 08. This season Matt has tight end Tony Gonzalez to throw to, and that means fantasy points.

9. Carson Palmer – Palmer is trying to come back from a major injury, and return to the fantasy prominence of a couple years ago. He has enough weapons to do some damage, and will have a great comeback season in stats if not wins.

10. Donovan McNabb – Donovan has everybody in place and plenty of options in Philly. Even with Michael Vick around, I think that McNabb will have his career year this year. He seems more relaxed and in control this year, and that is a good thing in Philadelphia.


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