2009 Fantasy Football Focus The Tight Ends


Authored by Rodney Southern in American Football 
Published on 09-01-2009

In fantasy football, the tight ends are almost an afterthought to many owners.  This is a shame because the position of tight end can be a valuable fantasy football weapon if you have the right player.  While it is true that the vast majority of tight ends do not produce, that does not mean that it is just an empty slot on your roster.  If you are lucky enough to get one of the better tight ends, you can truly make your team a force.  This is essentially like adding another top wide receiver if you are lucky enough to get a great one.  Here is a list of the best fantasy football tight ends, and why they could be the difference for your fantasy football team:

Antonio Gates – For those that are not aware, Gates is a player that can outperform the majority of wide receivers in the league.  The knock on Gates has been durability, as he has been injured a good deal in the last few years.  When he is healthy, however, he is an absolute beast in the red zone. Not only can he punch in the short touchdown catches, but he can stretch the field as well.  Gates also benefits from having a quarterback that loves passing to him.  Phillip Rivers goes to Gates regularly when he is in the game, and that means points.  If you have the chance to get Gates, then you should jump all over it.

Jason Witten – Witten was in the middle of a storm called Owens last year.  Terrell Owens was pitching a fit because Tony Romo targets his good buddy Witten with too many passes.  The truth?  Romo throws to Witten because he can count on the tight end to catch the ball.  Witten and Romo have a special football bond, and that will only be stronger in 2009 with Owens gone to Buffalo.  Romo surely was adjusting his targets last season to try to placate Owens, but ended up only losing control of the offense.  This season, Romo to Witten should be a regular thing.  Get in while you can if you want a top notch tight end.

Dallas Clark – When Peyton Manning lost his long time aerial partner Marvin Harrison, he had to be a little sad.  Though Harrison is gone, it means big things for all the other receivers on the team.  Reggie Wayne, Anthony Gonzalez, and even Dallas Clark are all sure to benefit.  The Colts throw the football, and Manning has to throw the ball somewhere.  While Wayne is sure to be his go to receiver, Clark is likely to benefit as well. This is especially true in the red zone.  Clark is sure handed and will certainly get you some points each week.

Chris Cooley – Cooley is a player that just does not get much respect.  He finds a way to make the catches and do the dirty work, but he is overshadowed by larger stars in Washington. The one knock on Cooley is not getting into the end zone. He had only one touchdown in 08, in spite of catching over 80 balls through the air.  If he can find a way to score on those catches, he will join the fantasy football elite.

Tony Gonzalez – There was a time when Gonzalez was the only show in town as tight ends go, but he has now gotten a little older.  Still, he is a huge threat to score touchdowns and make first downs.  Add to this the fact that he is now in Atlanta with hot shot young quarterback Matt Ryan, and one has to think that Tony is ready for a huge comeback.  Young quarterbacks have a habit of relying heavily on their tight ends, and Gonzalez might just benefit from that as well.


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