2009 Fantasy Football Focus The Wide Receivers

In fantasy football circles, the wide receiver position is often overlooked when thinking of fantasy success.  The truth is, the quarterbacks and running backs are just much more active.  Think about it from a fantasy football state of mind.  A wide receiver is only going to touch the ball maybe ten times a game in the best case, where the running backs and quarterbacks will touch the ball much more. In spite of this, the wide receiver can be the difference in success or failure in fantasy football leagues, simply because it can be over the top points. Their are a handful of wide receivers in the NFL that can truly make the difference between fantasy success and failure.  Here are the ten best wide receivers in fantasy football:

1.  Larry Fitzgerald – Fitzgerald has long been considered a top receiver, but his incredible performance last season exploded his star to number one with fantasy football owners. This guy goes up to get the ball like a linebacker, but has the soft hands and speed of the best receivers in the game. Fitzgerald is an elite player from top to bottom.

2.  Andre Johnson – Johnson is a guy that plays under the radar with the Texans, but he is a bonafide star to fantasy owners.  Everybody knows who he is and everybody wants him. He is a guy that if he were playing in Dallas or New York, would be on every major sports magazine in the world. He is that good.

3.  Randy Moss – Moss is entering a bit of a strange era in his career. He is beginning to get a little older, and a whole lot wiser. His quarterback is coming off of a major injury, and nobody knows if the special magic they once had will still be there.  My guess is yes, but it was enough of a question mark to drop Moss to number three on the list.

4.  Steve Smith – Little Smitty is still fighting to get the respect he deserves.  That is a good thing for fantasy football owners. Every year, people predict that he will slow down, and every year he proves them wrong.  The fiercest receiver in football might be small, but he produces.  That is the bottom line.

5.  Reggie Wayne – Reggie Wayne is set for a huge year with the focus falling clearly to him now.  With Marvin Harrison now out of the picture in Manning world, Wayne should be seeing lots of touchdowns in 2009.

6.  Roddy White – Roddy really broke out last year with Matt Ryan at quarterback.  Finally the Falcons have a traditional passer in Ryan, and White has become a star because of it. Perhaps no other receiver in the NFL made bigger strides than Roddy last year, and this year should be more of the same.

7.  Calvin Johnson – Johnson is another guy that is cursed with where they play.  On some levels it is a good thing, but on others he gets lost in the shuffle.  With new quarterback Matthew Stafford in Detroit, maybe this special talent will get some chances to shine brighter.

8.  Terrell Owens – Owens is certainly a special talent, but he is now playing in a very pass-scary place.  Trying to catch footballs in sub-zero weather is not fun at all.  Especially when you are accustomed to fair weather Dallas.

9.  Roy Williams – Williams will get the chance to take Owen’s place in Dallas, and he has the chance to have a huge year.  With the talent in Dallas, he could very well benefit.  No team can zero in on Williams without risking a long run from Jones, Barber or Choice.

10.  Greg Jennings – Jennings and Aaron Rodgers are developing a special bond, and they have shown they can score points.  Jennings is still a step down from the upper echelon, but this season could change that.


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