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2009 National Stationery Show Coverage


I am happy to say that I will be attending The National Stationery Show in NYC this weekend, and according to their website there will be about 1,000 vendors there.  Ill be attending on Sunday, so hopefully I will have a bunch of news and photos of new stationery and office supplies to share with all of you next week…as long as I also survive my birthday celebration of beer at Valhalla and BBQ at Daisy May’s.  Ill probably also try to check out Muji since Ill be close enough, they seem to have a good stock of office supply related stuff there.  I think the National Stationery Show is the closest thing to an office supplies show that I will be able to attend, so I am very excited about it all.

Also, don’t forget that you still have time to enter the office supply contest to win a Uniball Kuru Toga Pencil, which is by far the best pencil I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

One last thing, if you like markers, @dowdyism has a contest going on to win a set of Copic Markers, but be sure to read the rules, this isnt your standard “leave a comment” kind of contest.

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