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2011 Black Friday Deals and Sales for Cool Office Supplies

Here are some Black Friday deals and sales…some of these are similar to what we saw last year in terms of the products. Be sure to check the details and prices before you buy, as I am sure these offers are subject to change by the stores and sites offering them. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!


The Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen for $20.68 is an awesome deal considering it is usually about $40, and it is easily converted into a roller ball pen as well….oh, and its kind of like pretty much a weapon too.


It looks like the majority of the Whitelines Notebooks on sale for anywhere from $1-$7 off depending on which ones you are looking at.  There are a ton of varieties, so take a look and select carefully, but they are some awesome notebooks so its hard to go wrong anyway.


One of the items that I have with me every day is my Fisher Trekker Space Pen, which writes fantastically, and is able to write upside down and in almost any temperature.  This is a great deal to jump on as these pens are usually in the $30+ range but today you can get yourself a Fisher Trekker Space Pen for under $20.


If you are looking to get started with fountain pens, you can grab this Lamy Safari for $23, a few bucks less than the usual $30ish price that you find it floating around online for.  This is a great beginner fountain pen, just remember to grab a converter if you want to use bottled ink with it.

How about a 12 pack of Pilot G2 Gel ink pens for $13.35?  Definitely not my favorite pen, but I know lots of people love them, so here is a chance to stock up for about $0.30/ea. cheaper than normal.


You can also grab a Large Ruled Moleskine for just over $12 instead of its usual $18 or so price tag.


Now here is a great opportunity to stock up on memory for your digital camera, smart phone, tablet, or any other device that uses a memory card…or if you need a flash drive you can get one at a good price here as well.  Basically Amazon has a ton of SanDisk Memory on sale for 30% off.

kuru-toga-in-hand-300x225-2063550Amazon has the Uniball Kuru Toga for $7.63, which is about $2 cheaper than usual, so it might be a good time to grab one if you never used one before, the only thing you might regret is not having bought one sooner.


If you are looking for a labeler, it seems like it would be hard to beat this deal.  OfficeMax has the Brother P-Touch PT-1290 for $9.99, usually this item will set you back about $28-$30.  You can also check out all of the other Black Friday deals at OfficeMax here.


I actually own this chair but never had a chance to review it, maybe I’ll get around to it some day. In short though, the Herman Miller Embody chair for $1019 is a pretty good deal. I paid about $1300 for mine, but it is the best desk chair I’ve ever sat it, and it actually helped me recover from a messed up back caused by sitting in a cheap chair fro too long.

Organize.com has free shipping on orders of $79 or more, and they are a great source for office supplies and furniture.


Levenger has one of the best deals I’ve seen from them in a while, you can basically get 25% off purchases of $50 or more.  This one is good through November 28th.  You will need to use the Promotion Code “BF2011” to get the discount.

goldspot-8635819Goldspot.com has all of their Black Friday deals listed, which includes some options like free shipping, 10% off, or a free gift.  Head on over and check it out.

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