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2011 Calendar and Planners Reviewed


Last year I found myself trying to review 2010 Calendars and Planners, and it’s quite frankly a daunting task because of the short timeframe that I have to do where it will be relevant and timely for you to read about.  This year I’ve decided to instead compile a list of what I think are a three excellent options with some of my own personal thoughts that will hopefully be helpful for those of you looking for 2011 Calendars and Planners.  Please keep in mind that some of the details for each of the planners may have changed slightly since my reviews, but based on the quality and or functionality of these brands and previous versions, I feel comfortable suggesting that you check them out.


One of the first options I wanted to share with you are the 2011 Planners from Ecosystem (via Amazon) that I did a fairly extensive review of last year.  These planners, along with the Ecosystem Journals are made from post consumer recycled materials, and in my initial testing proved to be fountain pen friendly.  Besides just being environmentally friendly, these planners are also made here in the US, so you are helping the environment and the employment situation here when you purchase one of them.  The planners come in both flexible and hard covers and are available in several vibrant colors such as Kiwi, Grape, Watermelon, Lagoon (ie. Turquoise), and a more subtle Onyx.  These are available in various sizes as well as having both weekly and monthly formats.  The Ecosystem line was picked as one of my top products for 2010, so I don’t think you can go wrong kicking off your year with one of their 2011 planners.

rhodia-90g-web-notebook-3287652Next up is  the brand new Rhodia 2011 Planner Series.  They look similar to the Rhodia Web Notebooks (Photo Left) and have the same fantastic 90 fountain pen friendly paper formatted as calendar pages.  I have not done a review of these, however over at Journaling Arts, they have done a pretty thorough review.  These can be purchased at Journaling Arts and also at Goulet Pens, two great small retailers that I’ve heard good things about.  Normally I wouldn’t recommend a product that I’ve never tried, however the widely known quality of Rhodia and their 90 g paper gives me the confidence to know that you wont be let down with this as your option for a 2011 planner.


My personal favorite that I use on an every day basis is my Levenger Circa Junior Size Daily Planner.  I’ve been using this for about two years now, and since the original review that I just linked you to back there, I’ve changed to the nicer aluminum discs, but one thing that has not changed is the nice bomber jacket cover and the daily page format.  With the recent introduction of Rhodia/Clairefontaine Levenger Circa paper, I was hoping that they would also produce some daily calendar pages with the Clairefontaine paper as well.  Unfortunately I think it is getting a bit late for me to continue to hold out hope on that front, but I’ll be happy to continue using the 2011 daily planner pages again this year.

Now I’m not sure why I started off calling this post “2011 Calendars and Planners” when I only intended to cover some planners but it spurred me to head on over to Amazon and see if there were any fun office related 2011 calendars.  Of course I could have deleted and rewritten the title of the post, but there is no fun in that, so I came up with the office related 2011 calendars below after a quick search on Amazon.

dilbert-calendar-150x137-1305181 It is kind of hard to think of something that exemplifies office life more than good old Dilbert.  If history is any indication, I’m sure that this Dilbert 2011 calendar is full of lots of laughs, as well as some pretty unfortunate and ironic cartoons that might make you rethink what you are doing going to work every day.  Just make sure you don’t do your own editing to the cartoons by adding the names of your co-workers or bosses because I don’t know if they make a calendar for recently fired people.


We can’t all be lucky enough to work for an office supply company, so why not at least pretend that you do and pick up this “The Office” 2011 Calendar to keep at your desk.  Hopefully you work somewhere better than Dunder Mifflin, and you have a better manager than Michael Scott, but maybe this calendar is a good reminder for how good you really have it, even when you think your job sucks.  I also felt kind of obligated to post this just because I don’t think one word about “The Office” has ever been uttered on these pages.


Now I’ve never watched “Mad Men” but I know plenty of people who do, and the stories I’ve heard (and read) about the show make me wonder what it would be like to be able to just throw back a few drinks while in the office.  I can imagine getting much quality work done, but I do think it would make for some much more interesting products to review on this site.  Anyway, if Mad Men is your thing, and you are looking for a new calendar, the Mad Men 2011 calendar is probably a great option.

Keep in mind that the right 2011 calendar can be a great gift for someone like a co-worker, but make sure you select appropriately because there can sometimes be a fine line between appropriate and “what were you thinking” choices out there.  I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving, and hopefully I’ll have a few deals and sales to share with you in the coming days, I’ve got one lined up that is exclusive for members of the Office Supply Geek newsletter, so make sure you are signed up for that.

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