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2012 National Stationery Show


I spent the day today at the 2012 National Stationery Show checking out some new office supply related items from all kinds of different vendors, so I wanted to share some of them with you quickly here today.

Overall I have to say there was not really a ton of new stuff to be seen at the show this year as compared to previous years and I felt like there were fewer of the vendors I typically see there.


Miro Journal Display

One of the brand new items that I came across were the line of Miro journals and notebooks.  The journals that you see pictured above looked great in person for the simple fact that they have that nicely contrasted coloring on the edges of the paper.  They felt great in terms of the smoothness of the paper and their covers seemed pretty sturdy as well.


Miro Notebook Chalkboard Display

In addition to the Miro journals, they also have these coil bound notebooks with super soft (but sill pretty sturdy) feeling covers.  These only come in black and red.


Miro Notebook Displays

One more shot of the Miro journal and notebook display.  I am expecting to get some samples of their notebooks and journals sometime soon, so once I do I will be sure to share the reviews here with you.


Moleskine Pens in Colors

It seems that Moleskine always has some exciting new products to put on display at the National Stationery Show.  Today I saw these see through Moleskine pens that look like they will come in pink, green, orange, and yellow.  They are essentially the same shades of those colors that you would associate with highlighters, making these potentially good study aids.


Moleskine Snoopy Boxed Set

The thing that caught my eye the most at the Moleskine booth (besides the incredibly nice girl that answered my question about these boxed sets)  were these boxed sets of product that they are coming out with.  This is a set of Peanuts themed journals, post cards, and stickers.  They look very well done and as you can see there is also a Le Petit Prince version as well.


Moleskine Snoopy Boxed Set Notebooks

Here is a peek at some of the journals from the Moleskine Peanuts Boxed set.  I think these will probably be a big hit based on how nicely they were presented here at the show, and how well the previous Peanuts branded Moleskine stuff seemed to do.

UPDATE: The Moleskine Peanuts Boxed Set is now available for pre-order on Amazon.


Writersblok Woodpecker Notes

The last place I saw that had some new and interesting stuff was at the Writersblok booth with their Woodpecker Notes line of journals.  Each of these journals has a textured cover depicting a different type of tree.  The imagery on each is fantastic and vivid with such great texture to it as well.


Writers Blok Red Thread Notebooks

Writersblok also has this line of Red Thread notebooks which look like those envelopes that wrap a red thread (see what they did there) around two red cardboard circles to close the flap of the envelope.  These notebooks are pretty solid feeling,a s the covers are pretty thick and sturdy, and they also have a very chunky texture to them, which unfortunately does not show up well with my amateur photography.

There are a few other items that I don’t have pictured here that I hope to review over the next few days.  Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the stuff that wont be released until later this year, it is always fun to get to go to the National Stationery Show to get to see some of this stuff before it is officially out.

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