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2012 new winter clothes with personality style in wholesalelucky.com

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 12/5/2012

Not only to choose the right clothes in the winter, but also equally important to master own outfit. Today our wholesale clothing china online shop will present 9 kinds of 2012 winter clothes for everyone, and now you can together with us to look at the following fashion up to the people of winter personality tide ride it in wholesalelucky.com.

Tannins wind fans, this season is not to start such an ultra-stylish denim cotton jacket  Denim dress is the most wild ride within the movement style or Cute bottoming shirt can be fluffy lambs wool, like a snowball lovely and warm performance oh well!

Navy blue long section padded coat, the feeling of some European and American Fan. And design of this jacket cortex hasp very personality. Long section of the coat with leggings to wear, it is significantly thinner, is worn more fashionable this winter.

Light blue woolen jacket, accompanied by burgundy color with Slim it very, pants with shorts, sexy style mix. This match, look not at significant fat, of course, on a cold day, plus a thick coat, or necessary. Fashion trends, we must also hold live cryogenic.

The solid color thin models down jacket coat, girls match a blue sweater, sweater grape-sized spherical decorate very beautiful. Choose some lovely wind winter clothing, wear giving the impression of a more dynamic look.

Scottish-style plaid pattern shirt, winter must elect folder cotton subsection shirt Oh, wear warm. Sherpa cotton coat outside the ride khaki, this body with a very strong flavor of Korean.

The bright red short cotton jacket, the color really is beautiful ah! Out to the streets, put it, is sure to attract the eye it. Want to dress a little sexy, with a skirt, Compare highlight the leg line.

Elk patterns of red and blue and white sweater, do primer with a coat, really cute. This attire is not very Christmas feeling it

The black wild down jacket, striped lines minimalist atmosphere, oge collar enhance a sense of quality. Select a style relatively simple point bottoming shirt on ok!

Pink fashion water down coat, its waist effect is very good, and the collocation of the belt can not only enhance the temperament, but also played the role of self-cultivation. If you want to become more stylish, tight-fitting jeans is a good choice in our wholesale shoes china shop.


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