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2012 winter fashion clothing mix and match look

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 12/12/2012

In the winter of 2012, which popular models of costumes will lead winter fashion trends?  Classic atmosphere British style, small fresh Korean-style, or full of personality European and American style, what kind of clothing style is your most favor? Take a look at wholesale fashion clothing online shop KoreanJapanClothing.com presents for you 2012 new winter fashion updated!

For Korean-style jackets and coats, most of them are relatively loose, so no body limit! The drawstring around waist can be adjusted to better modify waist lines, so that the overall look is not so bloated and fat, this light-colored winter coat only need to simply match a piece of knitted sweater!

Winter wear brightly colored Korean fashion hooded coat, wearing it people will become more alive. This bright yellow-breasted woolen coat with dark green turtle neck, jeans with the nature of the wind to create a winter street casual fashion look!

Slim model is the highlight of this cotton jacket, breaking the traditional cotton coat dull feeling bloated, now before the big cold, with striped models or lattice paragraph long section rendering clothing matched with significantly thinner Leggings, winter to help you easily piercing slim.

This Plaid style woolen coat is a very popular piece of attire on the network this year. British style costumes always win everyone’s favorite. This plaid jacket with a fresh the milk blue sweater looks lovely and younger.

Smoke pink dress, pink is so matte finish, sweet, but also gives people an elegant, intellectual feeling. Large areas of lamb’s wool, fluffy piece to wear extra warm, very stylish, with white primer shirt pants feet boots, winter were thin mix and match fashion look!

In winter wear 2012 winter fashion woolen coat, with paragraph brightly colored scarf, very good-looking, chic. The jacket design is very handsome, black leather-breasted, especially cool fashion. Pants with shorts knee boots, more avant-garde and charming.

How to wear a down jacket will be able to show lightsome and comfortable feeling? The answer is dressed in clothing, the combination of a thin woolen sweater, warm woolen shorts was thin, such collocation makes overall sense does not seem too “Bear”, and very stylish.

This bright red wool sweater coat, the design is very cute and sweet. Very cartoon glove pocket design moved many girls’ hearts.

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