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2013 Editors' Choice Awards Best Office Supplies

In 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 we shared our Office Supply Geek’s Editors’ Choice awards, so keeping with that tradition we have put together our list for 2013 for you today.

Best Pen or Pencil – This year we have selected the Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen.  This is an excellent beginner fountain pen that looks great, writes great and is an inexpensive way to get started with using a fountain pen for the newbie. (Buy at JetPens $15)


Best Notebook – The Moleskine Postal Notebook is a refreshing change of pace and innovative take on keeping in touch in a world of social media, but without using any technology.  Fill up this small notebook, seal it up in the attached envelope and mail it off to a friend or family. (Buy at Amazon $5)


Best Special Purpose Writing Tool – The Sharpie Neon Permanent Markers are a really cool way to bring some life and energy to any kind of project you are working on.  These fluorescent markers require a LED blacklight flashlight to get the full effect, and keep in mind that the flashlight is not a toy and requires adult supervision due to a potential for eye injuries if misused.  They look pretty darn cool when lit up though, see below.  (Buy at Amazon $6)


Best Fountain Pen – The Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber is probably one of the most fun fountain pens we have used in a while with its compact size and the carbon fiber/metal body.  It also just looks pretty awesome because of those two things as well.  It has a nib that can be swapped out for anything from Extra Fine to Double Broad and the writing performance is fantastic as well, making it an all round awesome little pen.  (Buy at Amazon $114)


Best Desk Accessory – When a notepad looks so cool that it can also be considered a desk accessory, you know you have a winning product on your hands.  The Exacompta FAF Pad is a simple but elegant and retro looking notepad with metal screws and posts to hold the paper down.  They are made in a workshop in Paris that was actually built by Gustave Eiffel, you know, that Eiffel Tower dude.  It’s almost too nice looking to write on, but luckily they sell refills for these so feel free to write your hand off.  (Buy at Amazon $38)


Best Organizational Tool – These awesome SlickyNotes are a great alternative to standard sticky notes and come in everything from 1.5 inch x 2 inch squares up to 30 inch by 25 inch sheets.  They stick using static electricity, so they can stick to any smooth flat surface and be reused many times.  They come in multiple sizes and can be written on with dry erase markers to make them even more reusable.  (Buy at Ecostatic $3 to $80)


Best Green Office Supply – We didn’t review a ton of green office supplies this year, but the ForestChoice Environmentally Friendly Notebook is a very well constructed and minimalist looking notebook that we really enjoyed using.  (Buy at Amazon $23)


Best Decorative Office Supply – The Doodle by Stitch Write on and Wash Off Table Cloth is one item in a line that includes a similar matching bed set. They are basically giant replica of a loose leaf sheet of notebook paper that you can write on and then wash off. (Buy at Amazon $35 to $51)


Best Luxury Office Supply – With a name like Luxe by Moo, you know that these premium business cards have to end up in this category.  Ever since I started using these, the compliments and questions have not stopped.  The quality is something you have to feel for yourself, and the design options online are simple and easy not to mention pretty much unlimited.  (Buy at Moo Prices Vary)


Best New Product – Best new product for our 2013 Editors’ Choice Awards go to Brad from The Pen Addict with his awesome new Line of Nock Co pen cases that were a huge success on Kickstarter.  The design and formats are very well thought out and the build quality is awesome.  Its great to see someone from the office supply/pen community with their own product and have it be so successful.  If you missed out funding the Kickstarter campaign, just keep an eye on the Nock Co. website for details and sign up for their email to get notified when they become available for sale.  (Buy about $15 to $20 not available yet )


That does it for our 2013 Editors’ Choice Awards.  Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year, and we look forward to a 2014 full of fun, new, and cool office supplies.

©2014, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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