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2013 fashionable and freshness clothes new update

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 01/10/2013

Clothing becomes one of the things that affect your beauty and health. It is tantamount to the make-up. Clothes that are made of textile materials will cause damage to the skin if your skin does not fit with these materials. Therefore, it is important to select clothes in your life. Koreanjapanclothing.com Offers clothing and accessories in sizes from 6 to 40, including pants, dresses, shoes, jewelry and more.

2013 is a new beginning, the girls want to become more and more beautiful. Our wholesale china clothing online shop will bring 2013 new popular clothes for girls.

Water pink woolen jacket, the color is very soft, romantic, coupled with a black primer shirt with rhinestones decorate, more beautiful, eye-catching. MM wearing a ride is a black woolen A word skirt with the Polka Dot tights, sweet temperament moments.

Pale beige jacket, really wild, whether it is cotton the paragraph or woolen paragraph are crush their winter indispensable for a oh. Pale beige woolen coat, a gray or black sweater, pants matched with Article skirt, super beauty!

Black down jacket and long sections jacket hem is design, which is very suitable for the extra padding female have a winter item. MM inside the ride a gray short sweater, sweater beautifully decorate the Motif, very remarkable lady temperament. Mix of the pants black short wine red tights for the whole dress adds a bit of retro flavor.

Dark blue woolen coat, with pointed collar subsection bottoming shirt, high waist shorts and pants match a candy-colored, very significant slender it. The short man crush their winter wear take a coat when you can try high waist shorts with very significant high-fashion take the law!

White thin models down jacket, which take the milky white lace turtle neck under wear brown wool skirt, this mix of network not only very feminine and very stylish! Wool skirt, 2013 compared to the year fire a single product worth crush start.

With rejection to the padded jeans, try shorts and bottoming pantyhose mix together some more stylish. MM black cotton jacket with short sweater and blue shorts, structured, minimalist delivered the dress a Street.

Waist coat of light-colored jacket, upper body effect is pretty good the shoulder belt blue stitching, get rid of the monotony of solid color YY sense, this coat jacket, in fact, which take a high-necked sweater is very significant and elegance.

This lady ladies temperament red woolen jacket is very suitable for girls in our wholesale shoes china shop. Chest of gold round coin design is very significant fine. The red leggings can give more prominence to the lines of the legs. e12934f7f436afb6a1ce86869c8518cc-7121827

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