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2013 Holiday Gift Guide for the Office Supply Geek

In my own life I’m typically a late holiday shopper, so it only makes sense that our 2013 holiday gift guide would come this late in the holiday shopping season.  One quick bit of advice I can give you as a late shopper is that if you haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime yet, you should do so, or you can even give it as a gift to someone else.  You can get free two day shipping on a ton of items and for a few extra dollars you can also get one day shipping.  There are also other benefits like over 40,000 movies and videos available for instant streaming.  Now on to our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!


First up we have the Darth Vader Desk Lamp by Lego.  The super bright and adjustable LED light can run off a USB connection or batteries.  Just like any Lego, the major parts and joints are all able to be posed. (Buy $40)

the-f-bomb-1024x659-8498493Next up is the very unique F-Bomb Paper Weight, not that anyone uses a paper weight these days, but you can’t deny the incredibly funny and unique design of this.  I gave this as a gift once to a co-worker and the comments, questions, and laughs never seem to end. (Buy $45)


With all of the smart phones and tablets out there, this look a like  Bic Cristal Stylus is a great stocking-stuffer or add on gift for a tablet purchase.  Although the cap in that picture is posted, it can also be removed and put on like a regular pen cap. (Buy $12)


One of the more fun items in our list are the new Neon Sharpie Permanent Markers.  There are plenty of great uses for these but you might also want to grab an Ultraviolet LED flashlight to see how the markers react.  Keep in mind though that the LED flashlight is very bright and UV is not an appropriate toy for a child to use unsupervised. (Buy $6)


This one is definitely aimed at the younger office supply geek, its a duvet cover that looks like a notebook page and can be written on and then washed clean.  (Buy $60)


Sometimes I feel bad constantly recommending the Saddleback Leather Briefcase, but its honestly one of the most awesome and well constructed items I’ve ever owned.  It’s not cheap, but with the warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for 100 years, you can be sure that you are getting your moneys worth.  (Buy $600)

clairefontaine-collection-1951-notebook-cover-1024x668-2369952The Clairefontaine 1951 Collection Notebook is a great looking, great performing, AND cost effective notebook.  It has the same quality paper you find in some of the more expensive $20+ Rhodia notebooks.  (Buy $8)


I hate to share another Stylus, but this Fisher Space Pen and Stylus is really a great little item.  It comes in silver and matte black and besides being a great stylus it has all of the impressive characteristics of a Fisher Space pen like writing upside down and in extreme temperatures.  (Buy $20)


Whether its for a joke, or for actually using for a practical purpose, these Jumbo Binder Clips are always a big hit.  It might be the perfect gift for that teacher on your list.  (Buy $12)


The Excompta FAF Pad is a retro looking notepad with refillable paper that bolts on two long screws at the top.  Its also made in a workshop in Paris that was built by Gustave Eiffel of Eiffel Tower fame.  (Buy $38)


A great gift for a co-worker might be The Daily Mood flip pad.  It has big bright smiley face emoticons representing dozens of different moods that you can put on display at your desk.  Maybe it can serve as a good warning to keep people away on particularly bad days in the office.  (Buy $12)


If you want to get someone interested in fountain pens, the Pilot Metropolitan is a great beginner fountain pen.  It has a great design and fantastic build quality that any fountain pen user or beginner will love.  (Buy $15)


For a more high end but still affordable fountain pen, the Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber looks amazing and is really fun to write with.  Its compact size makes it easy to tuck away, but  you probably won’t want to keep it hidden so that people can gawk at its luxurious carbon fiber finish and sleek design.  (Buy $115)


Suggesting fountain pens as a gift without also recommending a nice fountain pen ink is a huge party foul, so check out this Pelikan Edelstein Amber – Ink of the Year.  You really cant go wrong with any of the Pelikan Edelstein ink colors though because they all write flawlessly and are great looking colors.  (Buy $25)


If you are looking for something for the person that has everything, try the Nimbus from Quirky.  Its a personal dashboard that you can customize to track almost anything you want like commute traffic, weather, email, social network activity, even data from your fitbit health tracker.  Its unique look and personalized digital display will be sure to be a conversation starter and awesome focal point for any desk, with the benefit of keeping some important personal data a glance away at all times.  (Buy $130)

That wraps up our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, hopefully that puts some good ideas in your head and results in some people (or yourself) getting some awesome gifts.

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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