Why Good Copy Is Good Business: Insights and tips for effective business writing

Why Good Copy Is Good Business

We’re pleased to announce the distribution of RedLine’s first white paper. The document, titled Why Good Copy Is Good Business: An Overview of Best Practices for Written Communications, is primarily for small business owners who write their own marketing materials (web copy, newsletters, brochures, etc.). The paper offers advice on planning before you write, creating your text, and editing your material.

why good copy is good business

Click image to download RedLine's white paper on writing and editing effective web copy.

Writers and editors should also benefit from the content of the paper, which includes statistics on the importance of professionally written web copy and tips for improving written communications.

RedLine encourages readers to use this white paper as a resource and to share it with interested parties. However, you must use a citation if quoting from our paper for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.

RedLine is planning a series of white papers throughout 2012. We’ll let you know when our next set of insights and tips is available! In the meantime, send your comments on the paper to info@redlinels.com.

UPDATE, 2/26/13: Our paper was recently redesigned by Matt Hall of UK-based Jellyfish Design. Matt took a ho-hum visual and made it aesthetically pleasing. Thanks, Matt!

The content of Why Good Copy Is Good Business is as true today as it was last year when we published it. Copywriters and editors should aim for clarity first. Then, writers need to focus on concision. Last, they need to make sure their copy is grammatically correct. Have a question? Contact us.

why good copy is good business

Matthew Kushinka is the founder and principal of RedLine Language Services LLC. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the company helps commercial clients create, revise, and translate their written content. Send your questions or comments to matthew@redlinels.com or connect with Matthew on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.