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2014 Black Friday Deals and Sales


As you all know there are oodles and oodles of Black Friday Deals out there so instead of trying to find them all, I just thought I’d share some of my favorites with you today from some of our favorite places like Quirky, Amazon, Saddleback Leather, Huckberry, and more.


The Pilot Precise V5 RT (deal via Amazon) is one of my favorite pens, and  this is pretty darn cheap for them, they also have a deal on the V7.


I personally don’t have much use for label makers, but I know plenty of people that cant live without them, and Amazon has deals on multiple DYMO products for Black Friday.


Over at Quirky they have 50% off their best selling items, and with the first 500 eligible purchases also get a Pivot Power Genius with their order.  Reading the reviews of the Pivot Power Genius don’t sound too promising, but if its free it might be worth giving it a shot.


Over at Huckberry they have some really interesting and unique products included in their Black Friday Sale, you need to scroll down a bit on that page before you get to the stuff like backpacks, briefcases, pencil cases, and the like.


If I didn’t already have a laptop bag that I liked, I would definitely consider this Bloke Briefcase that is available in a few color options at varying price points.


Huckberry also has some of your favorite hand made pens that you have seen this past year via Kickstarter so check out the deals on those hand crafted pens and notebooks as well.

Besides the 20% off on orders over $60 at Poppin, they also have a sale (with code FURN2014) going on for 10% off their office furniture.


Everyone should have a secure cloud based and physical back up of their important data, and Crash Plan has 30% off their back up solutions which is a pretty nice deal, but for new customers only.


Saddleback Leather has some really unique and amazing quality leather products that would make a great gift for anyone, and they currently have free shipping on orders over $75, which is not a hard limit to hit when shopping there.


Also, keep an eye on the Dave’s Deals section of the Saddleback Leather Site.  Currently they have some of the above pictured gadget sleeves discounted, but the offerings there change quite frequently…sometimes you will even find some of our favorite Briefcases there.


The banner above will bring you to the official page for Goldspot.com’s 2014 Black Friday sale AND giveaway.  Not only are they tossing in a bunch of freebies with your $125 purchase including a free bottle of Pelikan Edelstein Ink (which is VERY nice ink) but you are also entered to win an Edison Fountain Pen.   Click on the banner or the link above for all of the details, but this is a great deal if you were looking to buy a new pen as a gift or for yourself.

If you haven’t shopped NewEgg before, I highly recommend you check them out for any of your electronic office supply related needs. They rival Amazon in terms of price, selection, and customer service and have some really great deals on monitors, keyboards, shredders and even furniture.  Check out what NewEgg has to offer, with their Black Friday deals.

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