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2014 Editors’ Choice Awards Best Office Supplies

Every year (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013) we share our Office Supply Geek’s Editors’ Choice awards, so today we have our brand new list of the best of the best out of all of the items we reviewed last year.

Best Pen or Pencil – The Karas Kustoms INK fountain pen (provided to us by MassDrop) was one of the last reviews posted this year, but the overall quality, construction. look, feel, and writing experience were so superior that it made quite an impression.  If you hit that MassDrop link up there they are out of stock, but you can request it be brought back if you head over there.  For now though, you can pick one up direct from Karas Kustoms or from Huckberry.

Karas Kustoms INK fountain pen Uncapped Writing Sample

Best Notebook –  When it was first announced via an email that hit my in box, the Field Notes Shelterwood notebook was something I knew I wanted to purchase many of, and immediately, so thats exactly what I did.  Most people are already familiar with the quality and overall practicality of the Field Notes brand, but making a cover out of actual wood, thats also flexible seemed like quite the manufacturing and creative win to me, hence the selection here for the best notebook of 2014. Although these were a limited edition, there is a similar Cherry Wood version available, or you can also check out eBay for the original Shelterwood version.


Field Notes Shelterwood Wood Covers with Knott

Best Special Purpose Writing Tool –  The concept of the Sharpie ClearView isn’t completely new, but now that Sharpie has jumped into this format of highlighter its much easier to find at your local office supply store or online.  The window in the tip gives you a previously unavailable insight into what you are highlighting, you can actually see it and help yourself draw a straighter line.  You won’t be able to go back to your previous highlighting experience once you pick some of these up for yourself, via Amazon.

Sharpie Clear View Highlighter Window

Best Fountain Pen –  The Platinum 3776 Century Ultra Extra Fine (UEF) fountain pen was a surprising offering that performed better than I had expected considering the UEF designation for the nib  Its definitely a niche offering for those that like really fine nibs, but the performance is outstanding so its worth a go for most fountain pen enthusiasts.  Check it out here from Goulet Pens, who offered up the review sample for us.

Platinum 3776 Century UEF Components

Best Desk Accessory – I think everyone here is familiar with the new Nock line of products from Brad over at the Pen Addict, but his collaboration with Mike Dudek from Clicky Post made for what I consider the must own desk accessory this year.  Their Nock Co. and Dudek Modern Goods Idea Dock not only looks awesome as its crafted from a solid block of wood, but its highly functional.  There is a slot in the back to hold a big stack of index cards or journals and the top has a pen holder and a slim slot to hold individual index cards.  Once you put this on your desk everyone is going to be distracted checking out its good looks, including yourself.  Grab one yourself over at Nock Co.

Best Organizing Tool –  Quirky always has a ton of interesting, new, and unique products, but in this case it was one of their more simple and practical items that really helped me to get my desk and wires under control.  The Quirky Cordies are a simple solution that puts all of your charging cables and frequently accessed wires at arms reach, but keeps them out of the way at the same time.  Go check them out on Quirky and get some for yourself.


Cordies With Lots of Cables

Best Green Office Supply – This is one of the cooler items I’ve seen in a while.  The Sprout Pencils not only a fully functional pencil, but its also loaded with seeds where the eraser would normally be.  Once you have written to almost the end of your Sprout pencil’s usable life, the stub can be planted in some soil and will grow various herbs or flowers depending on which ones  you pick.  Check them out over on Amazon where you can get the flower version or the herb version.


Best Decorative Office Supply – Many people don’t even use mouse pads anymore, but if you are looking for a mouse pad thats incredibly durable and just looks and even smells amazing, you can’t top the Saddleback Leather Mouse Pad.  Usually a mouse pad doesnt need to be a thick slab of leather with heavy duty stitching and rivets, but thats what gives this such a luxurious look. Check out the Saddleback Leather Mouse pad on their site and see for yourself.


Saddleback Leather Mouse Pad Logo

Best Luxury Item – Nobody needs a cedar covered notebook, but thats precisely what makes something a luxury item.  In my opinion there isn’t a better looking notebook out there than this Woodchuck Cedar Covered Journal.  This one is a bit bigger than the Field Notes pocket sized journal that we highlighted above, but its also got a more solid and non flexible cover that is made of a thicker slab of cedar wood.  Even the page finder has a wood tag on it.  The details and look of this journal will have people wondering what kind of fancy pants such as your self is writing in there.  Oh, also its made and designed right here in the US, in Minnesota to be exact.  Check it out over on the Woodchuck site.

Woodchuck Wood Journal Cedar with Lamy Studio Fountain Pen

Best New Product – I don’t know the actual release date of this product, but its new to us here so I’m going with it because its really one of my favorite products of the year.  The Architect’s Wallet combines a Moleskine Volant Mini Notebook with a Fisher Space Pen and wraps it all up in a compact wallet to give you an on the go writing experience that keeps your minimalist wallet needs in mind too.  Check it out over on the formfunctionform site directly with lots of options, or you can also grab one with more limited options but cheaper at Huckberry.


Form Function Form Architect’s Wallet Fully Loaded

Favorite Product Line –  Over the course of the last several months, I’ve been very impressed by the product offerings from the folks at Anker.  They pretty much have every accessory for your phone or tablet covered.  Everything from phone and tablet stands, to high capacity backup batteries to USB charger expansion ports and charging stands.  They have been my go to first stop for anything and everything related to my electronic accessory needs, check out their Amazon store here and I guarantee you will find something you need…yes, need.

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