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2015 Editors' Choice Awards

Every year we take a look at a ton of different cool office supplies and compile our annual Editors’ Choice Awards for the best in multiple categories.  It’s not to say there aren’t other possibilities in each of these categories, but there is only so much time in a day to take a look at these and these are our favorites.

Best Pen or Pencil:

Uniball Air (Buy via Amazon)

The Uniball Air was a nice surprise  that I came across kind of late in the year, but its super smooth writing performance mixed with its ability to write at any angle make it a stand out among most pens.  The little extra of having a subtle but interesting barrel design didn’t hurt any either. (See our review)


Best Notebook:

Apica Premium CD Notebook (Buy via Amazon or Jetpens)

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, which is almost exactly what I did when I first saw this notebook.  The print on the front read “Choose the paper like you would  a good pen.” and that grabbed my attention.  The thing that really got me though was when I opened it up and ran my fingers across the incredibly, almost impossibly smooth paper found within.  Not only does this notebook look and feel amazing, but it handles fountain pen ink like a champ and I’d highly recommend getting your hands on one of these. (See our review)


Best Fountain Pen:

Pelikan Souveran M805 Stresemann Anthracite (Buy via Goldspot)

Although the Pelikan Souveran M805 has been around for a bit, and everyone is well aware of the incredible writing experience it provides, the pen got a makeover with the Stresemann . (See our review)


Best Organizing Tool:

Pendaflex Divide it Up Multi Subject Folders (Buy via Amazon)

There is no better way to step up your organizing game than deploying these multi subject folders from Pendaflex.  You rely on multi subject notebooks, so why not multi subject file folders?  Yeah, that’s what I thought, it’s a no brainer. (See our review)


Best Special Purpose Office Supply:

J. Herbin Stormy Grey Fountain Pen Ink (Buy via Goldspot)

We all love our fountain pens and the variety of inks that we can buy to load them up with, but J. Herbin stepped it up a notch with the introduction of their Stormy Grey color.  Just calling it a color doesn’t do justice to this great looking grey ink that has highly contrasting metallic gold flecks floating in it.  This is an ink that just jumps off the page and would be amazing to use for that once in a lifetime event like a hand written wedding invitation or special thank you note.  (See our review)

Best Luxury Office Supply:

Levenger Stealth Circa Foldover (Buy via Levenger)

I’ve gone through quite a few Levenger Circa notebook covers in my day, and although I really liked my Bomber Jacket version, this new Stealth Circa foldover stole the show for me.  Instead of being slightly puffy like some of the other leather Circa covers, this one has a thinner flat profile.  Additionally the contrasting thread remind me of the leather seats in a luxury car, and the inside covers are adorned with a great looking cotton chambray lining.  (See our review)


Best New Office Supply:

SketchyNotebook (Buy via SketchyNotebook)

We all have our preferences, and some of us have multiple preferences for the ruling (or lack of) in our notebooks.  The SketchyNotebook takes care of that with a rather brilliant solution.  Simply take one of the thick plastic templates with a black pattern painted on it, and place it behind any blank page in the notebook, next thing you know any page can be ruled, gridded, web page mockups,  storyboards, and more help you to customize every page in this notebook.  (See our review)

Best New Decorative Office Supply:

invisiPlug (Buy via Amazon)

Interestingly enough, the item that makes for the best office supply decoration is meant not to be seen, kind of a conundrum, huh?  I feel like the best way to keep a good looking home or office is to eliminate clutter, so when you have the necessity of having a power strip to keep the energy flowing to your various devices, why not make sure you have one that is as camouflaged as possible?  The invisiPlug comes in three different colors designed to do their best at blending into many popular wood floor colors.

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