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2016 Black Friday Office Supply Deals and Sales

Looks like many retailers are spreading the Black Friday Deals and Sales across many more days this year, and I’m not seeing nearly as many as I have in previous “night before” prep for this post, but I figured I’d share the ones that I came across and update this list during the day as I find more.  Check out what we have so far, and be sure to check back later today for more updates, hopefully.

To be honest I didn’t see a heck of a lot on Amazon that looked great, you can check out the Office Supplies Black Friday Category on Amazon Here for yourself as things will get added and show up during the day though.  Below is what I’ve found that I will hopefully be able to add to later.


THe 3Doodler started on Kickstarter and really took off.  This is a really unique item, and although it would usually set you back $100, it can be had today for $80.  (Buy via Amazon)


I’ve always been a fan of any product made by Anker, so although I’ve never used this particular one but I have others of their battery backups and they are great. This one looks pretty small, AND has Quick Charge 3.0 technology built in for fast charging if your phone is compatible. The original price was $49, it was then marked down to $29, and is now a Black Friday deal for only $24 (Buy via Amazon)


These PowerCubes (I only have one) are great for extending an outlet and can be built ontop of each other when you have multiple units.  They also have USB ports built in so it takes care of all of your charging needs.  The basic version is usually $20, but can be had for $15 today for a great stocking stuffer.  (Buy Via Amazon)


I generally don’t share too many monitors, but since this is the exact one I’ve been using for quite a while now and I really like it, I thought I’d share.  The image quality is fantastic, it has a solid and highly adjustable stand, and the bezel on it is nearly non-existant so it just looks awesome.  Back when I bought mine it was $280, but today you can have it for only $200 (Buy via Amazon)


I’ve used these Sharpie Brush pens before and they are really nice for more artistic endeavors, or just some fancy writing.  They usually run between $12-$15 but are now only $10.  (Buy Via Amazon)


This package of 12 Paper Mate InkJoy pens would normally set you back about $16-$20, but today on Amazon they are only about $11.  (Buy Via Amazon)


I haven’t started using mine yet, but the Panda Planner is a unique planner with a less traditional layout.  When I purchased mine it came with a 10% discount code (PANDAFAM) to share with friends and family. (Buy via Amazon)


Black Friday or not, Saddleback Leather always has their Daves Deals Page Here, and you can find some great discounts on slightly imperfect objects.  All of their items are amazing gifts to give.


Our friends and sponsors over at Goldspot not only have a bunch of Black Friday deals, but they also have a special Black Friday pen giveaway that is definitely worth checking out here.

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