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2016 Editors' Choice Awards


Every year I like to put together a list of the top office supplies that we reviewed for the year, so lets take a look at our 2016 Editors’ Choice Awards for the years office supplies.

Best New Office Supply Item:

Black n’ Red Soft Cover Notebook – Review or Buy Here


I’ve always been a huge fan of the Black n’ Red notebook, so when they came out with this soft cover version this year, I was super excited to try it out.  It definitely met my expectations and its basically a more luxurious version of the standard plastic cover version of their classic notebook.

Best New Pen or Pencil:

Big iDesign Ti ARTO – Review or Buy Here


The Big iDesign Ti Arto is the ultimate refill friendly pen.  Not only is it precision engineered and made with some very durable solid titanium, but it take over 200 different refills without any hacking of the refill itself. This pen is a no-brainer if you have a favorite pen but would prefer a premium body.

Best New Fountain Pen:

Pelikan Stola III – Review or Buy Here


The Pelikan Stola III is a great way to try out the Pelikan brand of fountain pen without spending an arm and a leg.  The all metal construction and the high quality product and writing experience you can expect from the folks at Pelikan can be found in this little gem that will cost you a few bucks more than a traditional entry level fountain pen, but significantly less than a mid range fountain pen.  Its a great option that should definitely be explored if you are not set on any of the entry level pens out there.

Best Notebook:

MOO Lay Flat Notebook – Review or Buy Here


MOO is known for their high quality business cards, so when they entered the premium notebook market I can’t exactly say I was surprised. What did surprise me though was the extremely well executed lay flat binding on this notebook.  Pair that with the excellent paper and high quality craftsmanship, I have no problem saying that this is the best notebook that you never heard of, but I fully expect it has (and will continue) to gain a strong following since our review here.

Best Organizing Product:

Find it Clear View File Folder – Review or Buy Here


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person thats ever fumbled through a stack of folders looking for a specific document.  These Find it Clear View File Folders solve that problem in an elegant and very easy way.  It seems almost too simple to think that nobody had done this before, but the clear plastic sheet that goes over the front of these folders is life changing.  You can make a table of contents for folder or put in a sample of whats hidden in there if you are using it to store multiple of the same form.  Even in electronic areas, this functionality is covered with icons on folders that show you whats inside before you open it.  I’m glad to see analog has finally caught up with digital here. 🙂

Best Luxury Office Supply Product:

14Kt Gold Staples – Review or Buy Here


I can’t lie, this is one of the most ridiculous items I’ve ever bought to review on the site.  One dozen 14kt gold plated staples, financially and logically it makes zero sense, but visually its kind of cool.  If you have money to burn and want to ensure that your tax return flags an audit, you can’t go wrong with these!

Best Special Purpose Office Supply Product:

Travelers 10th Anniversary Mini Notebook – Review or Buy Here


I’m honestly surprised that this Travelers 10th Anniversary Mini Notebook was a much MUCH bigger hit.  The quality and detail alone make it well worth the money, but the unique tiny size also add to its awesomeness.  To me this is a fantastic replacement for writing a nice note to someone or a replacement for a card for someone.  There are countless ways that this tiny notebook can become a treasured possession or unforgettable gift for someone.

One More thing that 2016 Took from us that We Loved:

The Stainless Steel Sharpie Permanent Marker – Review or Buy Here


Sadly, 2016 took many beloved celebrities and probably some of your own loved ones.  In the world of office supplies, the Stainless Steel Sharpie Permanent Marker was also taken from us unless you want to spend a gross amount of money on eBay to snag one of the few remaining ones.  Personally I feel lucky because I still have mine and I stocked up on a few refills to get me by.  Just a good reminder though that if you do have any favorite products, go ahead and stock up because you never know.

Thats a wrap for our 2016 Editors’ Choice Awards, and we will return to our regular reviews shortly!

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