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3 Copywriting Tactics That Convert

  • By Joezer Ninetie
  • Published 01/18/2012
  • Copywriting

One of the most common questions asked by new copywriters is “why doesn’t my copy convert even though I’m doing everything right?” Here are some things you need to keep in mind when you are writing your own copy. If you want to have a better understanding of copywriting, read this article. When you’re presenting your product through your sales copy, try to make your offer irresistible. While it is good that you like what you are selling, that affection is not a sales technique by itself. You have to give your prospects a strong reason to buy from you. Standing out from the competition is not only about creating a unique selling point for your product, but also for your sales copy. The best offer is one that can’t be denied. If you have a strong offer, more people will want to buy from you. The best way to do this is to give away free bonus items when people buy your product–it is easier to convince people to buy this way–just think outside the box and you’ll figure it out. But don’t make the mistake of creating too much unnecessary hype because you don’t want to end up as a disappointment for your customers once they actually get their hands on your product. Transparency and honesty rule the day when you present your product to your readers. It is also okay to make changes when you need to make them: don’t restrict yourself to certain types of writing. You should always be thinking about improving.

One of the best ways to increase your chances of sales is to make the pote

ntial customer feel really comfortable. You have to make them feel okay with taking the buying decision. How do you exactly do this? You can achieve this by having an iron clad money back guarantee supporting your product. This shows that you believe in your product and its ability to help your customers. This offer helps to relax potential buyers who might be worried about taking unnecessary risks. Copywriters often worry that this type of offer reduces their sales. It is actually quite the reverse: your business gets bigger and you make far more sales. Also, you need to find the right length of time for your guarantee to last. For the most part, Internet marketers use a thirty day money back guarantee but you can use whatever length of time you think is best. You reduce your chances of refunding money if you opt for longer guarantees. If you feel that long sales copy isn’t right for you, a shorter version of your copy is fine as well. However, you should keep in mind that longer copy performs better than short copy. Of course, you don’t have to choose between them when you can opt for both. Give your visitors a choice to read either the long or the short version by having both on your site. You’ll still need to impart sufficient vital information within your copy that will entice your prospect to take action. Avoid adding unnecessary hype in your copy, but work on a balance between highlighting benefits and withholding information about other things you shouldn’t impart.

To sum up: try to apply the aforementioned tips when you work on your own copy because that is how you learn the proper skills!


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by Joezer Ninetie



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