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3 Easy Ways to Make More Money Writing

  • By Jinger Jarrett
  • Published 11/16/2008
  • Writing

For years we’ve been told that most writers make a dismal amount of money. Certainly not enough to live on. Most writers toil away in quiet despair because they are forced to work at a day job while writing at night. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Writers have more opportunities than ever to earn incredible amounts of money by writing for the internet. If you want to make more money from your writing, you may want to consider these writing opportunities: 1. Write articles. From my own personal experience, I believe you can actually make a lot more money writing articles to promote yourself. Once you submit your articles to article directories, your articles have the potential to earn thousands of dollars for you on autopilot because they are constantly available to promote you. If you don’t want to write articles to promote yourself though, you may still write articles for publication. Sites like Helium, Associated Content, and others allow you to get paid a small amount of money for your articles. The value of these articles is that they are also available to promote you while earning a residual income for you too.

There are also thousands of magazines both online and offli

ne that pay for articles. Amazon is a good place to do your research as is a search engine. 2. Offer your content in a variety of formats. Sites like Lulu and Create Space make it possible for you to sell your writing as books, ebooks, audios, and videos. Offer your books in these other formats. By offering different formats, you may also earn more money because audios and videos tend to sell for higher prices, and so do ebooks. By offering your books in different formats, you have an opportunity to reach a wider group within your market. This means a greater opportunity to earn more money because you have more potential customers available to you. 3. Sell your services. It may not seem as glamorous to write sales copy, website content, or other forms of writing when you want to write novels. If you’re really committed to your writing career though, you will definitely want to consider commercial writing as a way to feed yourself and your muse. You may need to take a few classes or courses to help you write for the commercial market. It’s worth it though if it means an opportunity to write what you want when you want.

Regardless of what route you take, income opportunities abound for you as a writer. With the internet, how much you make really is up to you.


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by Jinger Jarrett



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