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3 Killer Ways To Make Extra Money With The Article Marketing

  • By Juhani Tontti
  • Published 02/10/2009
  • Article Writing

Many people try to market more and more new products and to build more and more websites, when they are eager to find new ways to make extra money, but why to do that. The idea in how to make good money is, that you should use your knowhow effectively. What you have learned once, should be used residually. 1. Every Single Keyword Is A New Niche Market For Your Article Marketing. If you think modern article marketing, using optimized articles, they offer huge amount of new ways to make extra money, because you can use and find new keyphrases again and again. Only your own creativity sets the limits and I bet those limits are far away. When you will build keyword lists, it is useful to build so called keyword families, i.e. to dig keywords with your software, which has the same root keyword, rather one single word. The target is to use so called long tail keywords, because they are more effective to make money online. You can even use phrases with six words, which then form several related keyword combinations. By this way you can enter into a lot more niches, which all mean new ways to make money online. 2. Use The Root Level Domain In The Bio Box.

Yes, this is one cornerstone in my article marketing strategy. I always direct the traffic to my home page, which will then share the visitors into the pages and links, which they are interested about. This means also that the home page w

ill be ranked high in the search engines and it has the key role in order to make money from home. Many article directories accept even three hyperlinks in the Bio Box, so I normally use these three with different keyphrases. In this way I hit three flies with one hit and my home page gets the lift in the search engine ranking effectively. One more important tip how to make money online. The landing page must have an optin form to grab the email and the name of the visitor, so that you can later send him useful information using autoresponder and to build your own optin list. 3. The Title, The Teaser, The Article Body And The Bio Box Have Their Special Jobs. The title is the most important if you find new ways to make extra money. It must be able to stand out from the list of hundreds of other article titles. On the top of that, it must promise the benefit to the visitor in so good way, that a visitor wants to read more. The major keyphrase must be in the title, rather among the first words. The job of the teaser is that it encourages the reader to read more and deepens the promise in the title, so that the reader continues to the body of the article. You should put the major keyword some times in the teaser and in the body.

The Bio Box has a special job, because it has to make the reader the click the link enthusiastically, otherwise most of the article effect goes waste. When you follow these simple tips, and proofread every article carefully, I am sure you will get excellent results.



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