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3 Simple Steps To Write Your Resume Objective

  • By Jimmy Cox
  • Published 05/18/2010
  • Writing

A question often debated when it comes to writing a resume is whether or not to include an objective statement. It is true that some employers disregard the objective stating that it should be obvious that your objective is to obtain the job? However, it is also true that many recruitment companies include this as a particular criteria to rate the applicants that are successful or unsuccessful at the initial screening stage. Therefore, I see it as imperative that your objective is included to cater for all scenarios. Follow my tips to write a clear succinct and attention grabbing objective to enhance your rate of success for applying for jobs. Step 1 – Your Intention Be clear about why you want this job? Acceptable reasons include: * following your passion * an interest in the company * career progression Step 2 – State Your Value

Think abo

ut the value and benefits you can bring to a business and make sure you include in your statement a strong benefit so your potential employer can see the value you bring. Step 3 – Assemble Your Statement Assemble your statement in 1 or 2 sentences. An example of a well written objective is below: “I wish to secure permanent full time employment within a project management position located within Melbourne. I have a particular interest in procurement and risk areas and have a strong background in this arena of 6 years.” The main point being not to make this too lengthy to read or you run the risk of putting anyone off reading it. If your objective statement is clear, catchy and simple it will be far more beneficial to your resume results.

Finally by ensuring your objective statement is direct, to the point and adds value to your resume, you can be sure that you have set yourself apart from the majority of applicants who don’t know how to write their resume.



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