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3D Animation An Overview

The creation of moving pictures in a three-dimensional digital environment is what 3D animation all about. The objects or the 3D models are carefully manipulated so that the picture sequences can be exported. The picture sequences render an illusion of movement, in short, animation. And, this illusion of movement is strictly based on the correct manipulation of 3D models. 3D software plays an essential role in this job.

What happens in 3D animation?

In 3D animation, a moving picture is imitated in such a way that your eyes believe that actual motion has taken place. But the fact is that the motion is actually the fast passing of consecutive images. This is the case in traditional 2D and stop motion animation too.

How is 3D animation different from traditional 2D and stop motion animation?

In 2D animation, hand-drawn pictures are used. Each of these pictures is slightly distinguishable from one another. When they are played back in order of sequences, an illusion of motion is thus created. In the case of stop motion animation, real life models are filmed. They are given slight movements and when played back, they create an illusion of movement.

But in 3D animation, each and every thing is performed in the computer. There are three phases through which 3D animation is created. They are modeling, layout and animation and rendering. Let us know about them in the following:

1.    Modeling– It is the process of the creation of 3D objects in a scene.

2.    Layout and animation– Layout and animation are the processes of positioning and animation of 3D models in a scene.

3.    Rendering– It is the final production of the computer graphics.

A 3D animation production reaches to its final point after the successful completion of these three most important phases involved in creating three-dimensional animation.

As already stated earlier, 3D software has a vital role to play giving 3D animation a superb look to the eyes of the watchers. Using low-end 3D animation software will produce results differing highly from those produced by using a professional high-end one. High-end 3D animation software is very powerful software. It is equipped with multifarious features and multiple options. As the software is very powerful, a normal desktop computer does not have the ability to run to its full potentiality.  

High-end animation can be created by an animation production company only when it emphasizes on working efficiently in collaboration with the producer, distributor, broadcaster and global partners. So, if you are an owner of an animation production company, make sure that you focus on this aspect.

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