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4 Key Elements of Home Furniture

Creating a comfortable and inviting home involves layering the right accessories on a few classic, versatile pieces of furniture. Choosing these pieces is, however, often the difficult part of the task. What are the key furniture elements in your home? Here are four pieces of furniture that you cannot miss.

Key Element 1: The Sofa: Simple shape, sturdy construction and neutral colour palette of the sofa ensures adaptability to different home decor schemes. However, you need not confine your choice to this.

Opt for a tight-back, single seat sofa if you have a formal living room; for a casually decorated living room, a sofa with loose cushions is appropriate, as it offers a relaxed feel.  

Opt for a leather upholstered sofa if you have kids. It will not require much maintenance, as the stains and spills will come off with ease.

Opt for neutral colours such as white, beige, charcoal and espresso to make sure that the piece matches different colour schemes.

Opt for a large sectional sofa only if you plan to stay at the same place in the future. If you move to a smaller apartment, it may not fit in.

Opt for an ottoman or daybed instead of a sofa if you live in a small space and a sofa blocks off the entrance or the fireplace.

Key Element 2: The Dining Table: Whether you want the dining table to seat 2 or 12 people, you will be able to find something that corresponds to your requirements. Just keep in mind certain factors to make sure it is a good purchase.

Choose something sturdy; whether you opt for a wooden table or a metal table with a glass top, make sure it is durable enough to withstand years of use.

Choose a set of matching dining chairs; however, if you cannot afford it, mix and match different chairs to create an eclectic feel.

Choose a small round table if space is at a premium in your home. It can also double up as a desk when you need to work from home.

Key Element 3: The Bed: The right combination of a good bed base and high quality mattress ensures a good night’s sleep. Whether you are buying a bed for the master bedroom or the guest room, you need to pay attention to the right details.

Find a well-built bed frame; this will be especially necessary if you have kids who use the bed to sit, eat, read, stand, jump, fight, and, of course, sleep.

Find a bed with an upholstered headboard if you have the habit of sitting up and reading in your bed. Separate headboards are also available.

Find a simple wood four-poster bed; it offers the best in versatility, as it can blend in well in a Victorian or a modern bedroom with ease.

Key Element 4: The Storage: Only when you have adequate storage furniture will you be able to avoid clutter. This will be especially necessary if you have a small living space. Focus on the essential points to pick the right storage furniture.

Select a Victorian dresser for your bedroom; however, pick something with a simple design. Even if you change your room decor to modern later, the dresser will not be out of place.

Select an antique chest to replace the coffee table in your living room. It will look lovely and offer storage. If you can’t find a real antique, look for a reproduction furniture piece.

Select a glass-front cabinet; this multifunctional piece will be appropriate for the bedroom, entryway, living room, or even the bathroom.

Select a storage piece that has open and closed compartments if you have a small living space. This will help you display artefacts and hide the clutter effectively.

Select an open shelved piece to store items for regular use and a closed cabinet to keep the items you seldom need.

Decorating your home is not a difficult task if you choose the right furniture pieces. You may buy pieces that catch your attention and plan your home decor around the pieces. Otherwise, you may also decide the decor and then choose the furniture. However, the first idea gives you the opportunity to use your creativity in your home decor.

Author Bio

Rose Hamilton is the editor of an interior decor magazine. She provides a brief outline of the key furniture pieces you need for your home. Whether you opt for traditional or modern furniture for your home, her tips will be useful for you. If you are looking for interesting pieces of furniture, such as designer sofas or minimalist dining chairs, she suggests you to visit www.cadesign.ie for such products.


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