4 Things Men Should Never Say To Women

After you’ve been in a relationship with a person long enough, you have a tendency to know what makes them tick. Most women will tell you that their guy says and does something that gets on their nerves on a regular basis. Sometimes a woman has every right to feel the way she does. Then there are times when a woman’s anger doesn’t seem justified. Here are some things to keep in mind, if you want to avoid an argument with your girlfriend or wife.

“Did I do something wrong?” – No woman wants to hear their guy say this. Obviously something must have gone wrong to cause her to be angry with you. Of course there are women who are just drama queens, but that’s a different story. Most, if not all, women would rather a guy who takes the time out to think about what happened and then approach her. If you’re completely clueless as to why your wife or girlfriend is mad, start out with saying “I’m sorry”. Apologizing breaks the ice and opens the lines of communication. Once you’ve done that, do your best to show a sincere interest in finding out what has made your girl mad. If your girl is still being unreasonable even after numerous attempts, then go for a walk and give her some space.

“Are you PMsing?” – Never, ever utter these words to any woman! If you mention anything along the lines of menstruation, don’t be surprised if you’re eating a knuckle sandwich for dinner. Even if your girl is PMsing, bringing attention to it is one of the worst things any man can do. Although menstruation is a normal part of life, it is still an extremely trying part of a woman’s life. If you get the feeling that your girl is in a mood, just give her some time to calm down.

We all can’t be happy campers all the time.

“It was just sex” –This is probably one of the most infamous lines a guy uses when he gets caught cheating. Many women do not view intercourse as meaningless sex. Men have the ability to have sex without becoming emotionally attached to a woman. However, most women have a tendency to form some sort of emotional connection to a man when she’s intimate with him. Telling a woman that your intimate act with another was meaningless, will not help your case. In fact, this statement may even send her over the edge.

“She meant nothing to me” – This has to be one of the most asinine statements in the entire world. If someone means nothing to you, then you shouldn’t give that person the time of day. This statement enrages women because it doesn’t make any sense. Someone that means nothing to you shouldn’t be able to tempt you into cheating on your girl. Never mess up a good thing by sleeping with a ‘nothing’.

Relationships can be tricky. Every woman is different. However, most women can attest to the above statements rattling their nerves. If you’re in a relationship with a woman, you should know better than anyone, what not to say to her.


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