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4 Tips on How to Write Email Press Releases

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 07/13/2010
  • Writing

There are several ways on how you can send a press release. These ways slightly alter the format of a typical press release – its content and format. The most popular way of sending press releases is by distributing it to several press release distribution firms or press release online sites. By doing this, you can catch the attention of these press release distribution firms and online sites, and if they think that your press release is news-worthy, then they are going to publish it in print or online. On the other hand, there are still those companies who opt to send their press releases through e-mail. This has been an acceptable way since the internet is growing even faster. Companies opt for email press releases because they are cost-efficient and they can be a faster way of communication. These email press releases must still be able to comply with the standard content and format of any kind of press release. However, email press releases must be shorter than a press release which is published in print or online. If you want to know more about these email press releases, here are some necessary practices that can enhance your electronic communication.

1. Do not spam. Always ask for permission first before sending any email press release to a person. Remember that it is easier to delete an email than throw a mail to a trash can. Have the courtesy to ask possible recipients if you can send them an ema

il. You must choose or target individuals who are interested in your story and are likely to read the email, because if you don’t, your press release is going to be put to waste. 2. Develop a strong subject line for your email press release. This can greatly arouse the interest and curiosity of your recipient, and can probably lead him to read your whole press release. And as much as possible, create timely subject lines. Ride with the flow of a breaking news story. The same is true with the content of your email press release. 3. Strictly follow the format of a press release. However, you may shorten the whole press release. Sixty characters per line are enough for email press releases. This is due to the fact that most people tend to be lazy in reading longer texts. This is also when a link can very much help you. By simply putting a link in your email press release to redirect a recipient to your website, you have already accomplished most part of your job. You now have the attention of a potential customer or client to your company. And for further communication, you may also include an email address where the recipient can contact you for any clarification. And to emphasize these email address and link, put it on a separate line in the body of your press release.

4. Lastly, remember that an email press release have a limited scope. It is not for everybody. But still, within this limited scope, you can be sure that most of them are interested. Eventually, you can build a larger list for your press releases.



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