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4 Tips To Help You Write A College Term Paper

  • By Daniel Millions
  • Published 12/5/2008
  • Writing

The College term paper can be an emotional experience if you are not completely sure about what is expected of you. Therefore if you are new to the whole experience or are in need of a recap this article aims to provide some guidance for you when writing the term paper. The first tip is that you should consider is getting to understand your college tutor or professor. This person is the single most important factor in your time in education. It is the tutor who will decide ultimately whether you are worthy of achieving a high grade and so it is important that you quickly learn to respect them. With this in mind, it is important to recognize that there are certain actions that you should never undertake with your tutor. Firstly, you must never lie to them. No matter how good you think you are about not telling the truth, most experienced colleges tutors have developed a sense for when a student is lying to them. So if you think that you are going to struggle to make a class or that you will miss the deadline for the term paper, it is advisable to be honest with them as much as possible. If you want an extension then you need to be able to demonstrate your commitment by providing evidence that you have started the work.

The second tip concentrates on the importance of researching the information needed to complete the term paper. It is a good idea to create a set time each time that you can sit down and work on the paper. By establishing a pattern you wil

l quickly settle into a rhythm and subsequently increase your productivity. As you work through the research it is good practice to type up the notes that you make. It can become very frustrating if you are unable to make sense of something that you wrote several weeks before. It may require a little effort, but this strategy will certainly help in the long run. The third tip is to make sure that the term paper looks visually appealing. What is meant by this is that it is important the reader does not have to work too hard in order to understand your work. The style should include short paragraphs that make it easier to read. Each point that you make can begin in a new paragraph. Simple stuff such as checking the spelling, punctuation and grammar are things that you should be doing automatically. If you are not then these are easy grades that you are giving up and so now is the time to start good habits that will last you through college and beyond. Another often forgotten mistake is to not write enough or write too much. The word count that is mentioned on the assignment paper should be adhered to, however if you are 10 or 20 words either side, then this is nothing to worry about.

The final tip revolves around the use of resources. You will no doubt acquire a large number of books, articles, etc. as you undertake research for the paper. These resources will be invaluable to you and so it is useful to construct a working bibliography as you do the research. This way you will stay organized and be able to find the correct information that you need within minutes.


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