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4 Way Rubber Bands


Sometimes its hard to find product groups that we haven’t reviewed much here before, but rubber bands are definitely on top of that list.  Today we have some pretty cool looking 4 way rubber bands from Alliance Rubber (via Amazon) that we are taking a closer look at.


This pack of 4 way rubber bands from Alliance Rubber comes with three bands.  You get a plain blue one, a purple one  with a multi-color zig-zag pattern, and a green one with a pattern of rounded rectangles of various sizes.  When un-stretched the 4 way rubber bands measure about 8.5 inches long while the thinner straps are .25 inches and the middle area where they meet .75 inches wide.


Here is a little closer look at the patterns on the green and purple 4 way rubber bands.  I think the photo quality here is pretty good, but the colors on these things really pop nicely.  They are really bright and not as garish as one might think when you say that something is purple and green.  Its worth noting that if the patterns arent your thing you can just flip these over to the other side and your 4 way rubber bands have no patterns on the back sides so you will just have plain purple and plain green to go along with your plain blue one.


For the most part, these 4 way rubber bands are good for securing stacks of things you may want to pack away for storage and archiving, or for moving things too.  As you can see this stack of five notebooks is being held pretty easily with the Alliance 4 way rubber bands, but you can definitely fit another 2-3 notebooks in here with no problem.  You can also use these if you need to secure a smaller box to keep the flaps shut and you don’t have tape, or you can also use them as a replacement for a bow on a gift box.  There are a probably a bunch of other alternatives or creative ways to use them, so its probably one of those items that makes sense to have on hand just in case.  You can grab some for yourself here on Amazon if you have any other creative uses for them.

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