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5 Helpful Hints on How to Generate a Dynamic, Animated Movie Storyboard

  • By Joy Davenport
  • Published 03/18/2010
  • Screenplay

If you’re an artist or a multi-media marketing professional looking to direct today’s modern fat-free budget or Internet-placed movies or videos, you know you can benefit from knowing the best ways to generate an action-packed movie storyboard. Now this has been a hard task, often enough, in times gone by. You’ve needed to rely upon the temperamental sketch artist and photographer, and they don’t work cheap even as they are giving you a hard time! But now, storyboarding software makes your movie storyboard creation task much, much easier…and far, far less expensive. And you don’t want to be without a storyboard…if you’re an artist, it continuously replenishes your imagination and intuitive grasp of what you want to show and tell. If you are a marketer, a great storyboard is the prime way to capture the thoughts of those you are selling your services to. You can every storyboard a website creation that you want to sell to a client. If luminous movie making legends like George Lucas and Peter Jackson (“Lord of the Rings” trilogy), rely on a great movie storyboard, then you should, too. And they do use advanced storyboarding software as much as they possibly can.

With today’s powerful and experience-based storyboarding software, you don’t have to wait on or look for the great but expensive and troublesome artist. Now, even if you can’t draw, you can have your intuitive visualizing “genius” for you, for your producer, for your creative team, and for your clients to see clearly. You’ve got a Hollywood studio on your desktop. Bu

t how can you get that high-animation movie storyboard for your creative team or clients? 1) With today’s advanced storyboarding software, you can use customizable characters that can further be dressed, rotated, positioned the way you want and need. You don’t need actors and actresses (or people on your staff or the client’s who pretend to be!), you don’t need to hand-draw or use those silly stick figures! Just select a character, customize and dress them as you need, and upload them into your storyboard. 2) Import your script, even from a simple word processing document, into your storyboarding software and let it help you build the visual flow and details based on your words. Today’s advanced storyboarding software is programmed to facilitate this creative coherence. 3) Map everything out verbally in advance. Make a basic, primitive storyboard that only uses verbal descriptions in the boxes first. Then, with the help of your software, follow those promptings and let your creative imagination go to work! 4) Use modern technology’s customizable and rotatable props in your background. The background itself will be customizable, too, so you can seamlessly switch from city to country, etc, between scenes with no need for photographic help. But if you need to you can import all the JPEGs, GIFs, etc that you require! 5) If you do have need for black and white sketches, an advanced software program will help you create these, too–again, even if you can’t draw to save your life. Make use of that tool.

A modern movie storyboard does not need to be a budget-buster or a headache-maker. Just use today’s computer software!



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