5 Hot New Actresses of 2009

The days are getting hotter, and so are the ladies of Hollywood. Whether it’s in the music you download or the movies you watch, there is an influx this summer of sizzling beauties sure to steal your attention away from the summer heat and toward the red carpet. Here are five to watch out for, along with where you can find them. After all, these ladies aren’t just about beauty. They’re also highly talented performers.

Moon Bloodgood

If you were lucky enough to catch Terminator: Salvation opening weekend, you no doubt noticed this striking beauty in the role of Blair Williams, a fighter pilot for the Resistance against the Machines. Moon Bloodgood is a former Laker girl-turned-actress, who has made a splash in recent films such as Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li and 2007’s Pathfinder. You may have also recognized her on a couple of episodes of Burn Notice as Detective Paxton. Bloodgood stars with Julie Benz in the upcoming dramatic anthology Bedrooms due later in 2009.

Zooey Deschanel

While (500) Days of Summer is her only film of note this year, Zooey has already logged many memorable moments as an actress. Her shower scene/duet with Will Ferrell in Elf…her scene-stealing turn in Failure to Launch…her romantic lead opposite Jim Carrey in 2008’s Yes, Man…her starring role in the acclaimed Sci-Fi mini-series Tin Man…Zooey is a quirky, entrancing actress with an even stronger voice. Her musical act She & Him released its first album, Volume One, in 2008, and has continued to perform strong throughout 2009.

Zoe Saldana

Saldana has already made Uhura sexy again in this summer’s reboot of Star Trek, but the young actress is not content to rest on her laurels. Before the end of 2009, you’ll see her in films such as the horror-thriller The Skeptic; Burning Palms opposite Rosamund Pike, Shannen Doherty, Nick Stahl, and Dylan McDermott; and Avatar, the much-anticipated James Cameron return to sci-fi.

Megan Fox

Fox has stolen the hearts of the 18-34 demographic since her breathtaking appearance in the original Transformers (2007). She returns this summer in what is perhaps the most highly awaited film of the year, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. That’s after a couple of overlooked performances, first in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, and secondly, in 2008’s Whore. Fox is sure to strike again before the end of the year with Diablo Cody’s surprising Juno follow-up, a horror film called Jennifer’s Body.

Emily Blunt

Blunt has shown her acting chops in films such as Dan in Real Life, Wind Chill, Charlie Wilson’s War, and most recently as wild-child Norah in the quirky dark comedy Sunshine Cleaning. However, late 2009’s remake The Wolf Man is set to be her biggest film yet, and will surely introduce this talented beauty to a wider audience.

So how about it, folks? You can’t possibly distill all the greats into a mere five names. Who are we leaving out, and what do we have to look forward to? Discuss!


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