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5 Proven Ways to Write Profit Into Your First Book

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 12/8/2008
  • Non-Fiction

Are you still wondering if you have what it takes to write your first book? My vote says you do. I am convinced your audience is waiting on your insightful expertise to help solve their problems. Like other professionals who took the plunge and wrote their book, you can create a new monthly income stream. In all fields but especially business, people are looking for practical information and knowledge. So, whenever you’re ready here’s 5 proven ways to write profit into your first book: 1. Write a short book first. A short book will do wonders for your confidence. Short doesn’t mean the same thing to every person. So, let’s say 50-100 pages is short; even 140 sounds less intimidating than a 200-300 page book. Your future customers are busy and usually read only what takes the shortest amount of time. For example, a friend of mine wanted to learn how to conduct tele-seminars. He said he didn’t hesitate buying a short book of 70 pages at $19.97 to help him learn the ropes of tele-seminars.

2. Focus on one topic in your book. It’s a known fact bestsellers focus on one main topic. Focus on one topic then write each chapter to support that subject. You could write down a list

of problems your book solves and write the solutions in each chapter. 3. Offer the magic pill inside your book. Offer solutions to your audience. Offer the magic pill with simple steps to solve a problem in your field. Every one loves it when we get simple solutions to our problems. Get this right and you could have a best seller. Do you know the solution to a vexing problem? Write the solution in your business book. You might be surprised at who’s searching for a little relief. 4. Give your readers what they want. Target and get to know your audience. Let’s face it not everyone will want to read your book. Most uninformed authors write what they feel is a great book; spend tons of time and sometimes money looking for people to buy it. Instead match your expert knowledge with an audience you can serve or already serve. 5. Write compelling copy. Copy that appeals to the emotions of your reader sells your book. Your future customers want word pictures that they can respond to with their emotions. Get a professional editor or book coach to help.

Don’t let your ideas, knowledge and expertise fade away. Put it to work for you in a book. Remember, if you need help contact a professional book coach or take an e-course to inform yourself. Here’s to seeing your book in print soon.


Are you ready to get started writing profit into your first book? Go get my free 7 lesson mini-course Jumpstart Writing Your Book! You can get instant access to this ecourse and other Book Writing Coach tips at the http://www.writetowin.org web site From Earma Brown, 14 year author and book writing coach

by Earma Brown


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