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5 Qualifications Assessors Are Looking For In A Grant Application

  • By Tom Jerrat
  • Published 04/25/2012
  • Writing

Grant writing is often a time-consuming process which involves research, grant preparation and writing, grant submission, lobbying funding organisations and managing the awarded grants. Funding organisations may also have additional requests that you are required to respond to, adding to the work you have to do. Many of those who are applying for grants choose to work with a grant writer to help them throughout the process of grant applications. Grant submissions are also subject to the scrutiny of grant assessors who have specific requirements they want to see in a grant application. In this article, we provide some insight on what grant assessors are looking for in a grant submission. We also share some tips on how you can meet their standards, pass their assessment and win the grant for your organisation. 1. An excellent project Your project must be worth funding. Grant assessors are looking for projects that address a real need in the community and clearly demonstrate community benefit. Your project must also show linkage with other partners or organisations. Develop the best possible project first before applying for a grant. For big and complex projects, it can help to compartmentalise projects into different sub-projects where smaller funding can be provided for each. You can also try to include the needs of different groups such as women, youth, children, sports, arts/culture and disabled. This can earn the support of these groups and their organisations. This can also increase your chances of success and allow you to find funding opportunities from different funding buckets. 2. Professional organisations Grant assessors are looking for professional organisations with a proven track record of delivering results from the funding provided. Your organisation must be relied upon to deliver exactly what is proposed in your grant submission. To highlight the past performance of your organisation, include evidence such as success rates of your previous projects and community response in your grant application.

You can also include the vision and goals of your group to demonstrate that you

are a professionally-run organisation. Form a strong and persuasive argument why your organisation deserves to win the grant for your project. You must give assessors the confidence that if you should win the grant, your organisation can deliver on the project with outstanding results. 3. Projects that match the funding program Funding programs offered by different organisations will have different goals, objectives and requirements. Before applying, make sure that your project fits the goals and objectives of the grant program. Your project must also meet the requirements of the funding program. For example, if the funding is only offered to organisations located in the inner suburbs of Brisbane, then apply only if you meet that requirement. 4. Value for money Grant assessors are looking for projects that offer real value for money. Your organisation must deliver the project as proposed in the grant submission, on time and within budget. In some cases, funding organisations may require a report on how the funds were spent so that they can review if the project delivered on the value it promised. Keep a realistic budget. Before sending your grant application, honestly assess if you are capable of delivering the project at the budget you are requesting. 5. Grant submissions that follow the guidelines Grant applications must follow all formatting requirements and provide all information required by the funding organisation. Read the guidelines carefully and comply with all formatting, word and page limit requirements. Make sure that your content is comprehensive and answers all questions and criteria set by the funding organisation. Keep in mind that grant assessors are not interested in what you want to tell them. Instead, you should focus on providing what the grant application process requires. Some final words

As grant writing is a complex task that entails a lot of work, it can be helpful to employ the services of a professional grant writer. A grant writer can work with you through the entire grant application process starting from finding the appropriate funding opportunity for your organisation through to managing awarded grants. A grant writer can also help you prepare a competitive grant application that can win the funding for your organisation.


This article was written by Tom Jerrat for Red Tape Busters. Red Tape Busters is a tender writer and grant writer service that specialises in writing grants and tenders for non-profit organisations in Australia. They have the experience and know-how in grant writing and tenders. Visit www.redtapebusters.com.au for more information.

by Tom Jerrat



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