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5 Steps to Get Started Writing a NonFiction Book

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 09/2/2011
  • Writing

Are you looking for non-fiction book writing help? Even experts get help from a coach in their area of expertise. Tiger Woods is famous for his use of coaches to perfect his golfing game. Many best selling authors say they received help from a book writing coach or other professionals. You’ve heard about the benefits of writing a book. You know, things like your book will create additional income streams. Your book will add credibility to your increasing fame factor as an expert in your field. Here’s five simple steps to get started writing your book: 1. List five to seven topics you are passionate about and wouldn’t mind writing about. Choose the one that tops the list in passion. It should be the topic you can be excited about for at least the next 24 months. 2. Develop a working title, thesis and intended audience. Put as much detail as you can on paper. I say working title because it may change as you develop your book. But you need a tenative title to start with. Write your thesis and distill it down to one clear sentence. Then pinpoint who you are writing your book for. 3. Devise a chapter outline. To make it simple, choose seven questions you will answer about your book’s topic. List them and answer each one in the fullest detail possible. When you form your chapters, you will write and insert a sizzling introduction and a summary that leads your reader to the next chapter. 4. Create an inspiration cover. This will help you stay motivated. Also, refine your working title some more. List out at least five benefits your book will have for your readers. Put the top one in your title and subtitle. For example what number one solution will your book provide for your readers? 5. Write a short introduction. Simply write your introduction as a short letter to your reader. Aim at one audience at a time. It’s a known fact, best sellers are directed at one audience. If your book has several audiences, don’t forget to develop a book in a series for each additional audience. Remember Chicken Soup for the Soul; they added a book for more than several additional audiences.

Don’t wait any longer. You now have five easy steps to get started with your book. Remember, writing a book can be easy if you know how. Implement the above easy steps and get started today!



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