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5 Things You Attract More Of When You Write A NonFiction Book

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 06/29/2011
  • Writing

Are you ready to complete your book and become more magnetic? That’s exactly what will happen for you after finishing your book. You will begin to attract better opportunities, better offers, more business and even nicer customers. Do you think you have to wait on more resources, more talent or more smarts? In Charles Schwab’s words, “The best place to succeed is where you are with what you have.” Or recently, the words of Gerald Ford moved me to action, “Begin to act boldly. The moment one definitely commits oneself, heaven moves in his behalf.” So if you’re ready to start with what you have and expect the rest to come to you, here’s what to do. Decide if you want to write your book now. If so, write your commitment down, align your thoughts, and expect the needed resources to come to you. Even expect the people to show up to guide you. Meanwhile, here are seven powerful things sure to come your way when you do:

1. Write a book and attract people. When you write your book, you become more magnetic. Author is still a prestigious title. So people will naturally be attracted you as author. Th

ey want to be around you and rub shoulders with an author. 2. Write a book and attract more business. More people will be attracted to do business with you. They get to know you through your book and trust you easier. Because you did a good job with your book, they believe you will do a good job for them in business. 3. Write a book and attract nicer customers. You can attract nicer customers because of your book. Your message was crystallized to fit. It hits the mark with your book readers. So the right people who are interested and attracted to you. They want to be nice for they understand you because of your book. 4. Write a book and attract like minded people to you. Your completed book will attract people that think like you. After reading your book, they feel like they know you. They can relate to you and your message; they realize there’s very little difference between you and them. They feel like if you did it, they can too.

5. Write a book and attract better opportunities. Your book will open doors of opportunities. These are doors that may not open unless you have book author as your title. Your book makes you the expert. People love to hear from the expert.



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