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5 Tips To Get More Prospects To Trust What You Say

  • By Kathleen Ann
  • Published 06/8/2008
  • Copywriting

The third step to the 7 secrets of advertising is to get more prospects to trust what you say. Take it for granted that no-one believes you. Now, that sounds rather blunt, doesn’t it? But people don’t know you so why would they believe what you say? Now you will also have heard that people buy from people they know, like and trust so here are 5 simple tips to build trust that you can put to use right away. 1. Use Photos You could start with your photo in your ad or on your website and a caption underneath that. People can then see you and get a sense of connection. That’s a really, powerful way to build trust. Photos of your clients are great too. It’s comforting to see that others have already put their trust in you. And if you have a tangible product or can demonstrate your service in action, include a photo so people can see what it looks like. This immediately ads substance to your offer and proof that it’s real. Of course if you have a bricks and mortar business include a picture of your building and personnel as evidence. 2. Honest Copy Use honest copy to reveal the real reason behind what your are doing or offering. Firstly, it’s emotive and we know that people buy on emotion. But just as important is your authenticity will shine through in your words and that’s really, humanizing. People will automatically feel like they can trust you to do what you say. 3. Strong Guarantee You simply must have a strong guarantee. You just can not go past making it a no-brainer to do business with you.

What are you prepared to do by way of a guarantee, if you don’t live up to your promises? Let people know they have got nothing to lose and everything to gain by

buying your service or product. Now days it’s not enough to simply offer a money back guarantee. That’s a given. You need to demonstrate that you will be the loser if your product does not live up to expectations, not them. The truth is, very few people will take you up on your guarantee but it will increase your sales because you have demonstrated your trustworthiness. 4. Testimonials Now, one of the most powerful things you can do to get people to trust you is to build your credibility through testimonials. You can’t just go around blowing your own trumpet all the time. What other people say about you is pure magic. You get instant credibility and proof when someone else is validating what you say. You could use those in written form with a picture or interview somebody. Ask them to speak about you and use the audio or you could video them – even more powerful. So don’t think of testimonials just as a thank you letter that you received. You could even create your own. Help somebody write or speak about you in a way that will support what it is you want to share with other people. Powerful stuff. 5. Evidence your expertise Many small business owners are very modest and humble and don’t really want to talk about themselves and blow their own horn. But when it comes to something like listing your experience and your expertise and specific qualifications you simply must let your reader know. They won’t know otherwise. Don’t hide behind it. If you’ve ever achieved it – share it and build that level of trust that you can, and will do what you say.

Now put some or all of these tips to work for you and you will increase your customers trust and increase your sales. Once you have got their trust you can work on getting more people to respect your value. Sounds similar – but it’s not the same thing at all.


Direct response marketing expert Kathleen Ann is the “Marketing Champion for Small Business and entrepreneurs”. Delivering simple techniques and tools you can use to increase sales and profits. Sign up for her free audio workshop “7 Steps to Advertising Success” at http://www.PowerUpYourMarketing.com

by Kathleen Ann



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