5 Ways To Drive Your Man Away

Authored by Sharon Carter in Relationships 
Published on 08-23-2009

Men aren’t the complex creatures that women peg them to be. For ages, women have complained that men don’t pay attention to what they say, need or want. But in all actuality, it’s the other way around. Despite what most women think, men aren’t that hard to figure out. If you want to keep your man at home where he belongs, try to avoid doing these things.

Nagging: Men get extremely agitated when their woman nags them. Approach your guy with caution when his favorite show or sport is on television. If your guy is watching television, anything you say at that point is deemed as nagging. If you want your guy to do something, give him some time to come through. If you keep asking or saying the same request repeatedly, chances are he’ll never do it. And even if does do what you say, he might be spiteful and do it how he wants to do it.

High-Maintenance: Women always say that they want to be treated as equals. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case when they enter a romantic relationship. Every woman wants to be treated like a princess every now and then. But some women tend to think that they actually are a princess. Telling your guy to buy you expensive items on a daily basis is obscene. If you want someone whose sole purpose is buy you things then you’re better off with a Sugar Daddy. Always remember that Cinderella didn’t get Prince Charming by asking for the whole kingdom.

No Support System: Guys are more emotional than they like women to believe. If you bruise a guy’s ego, he’ll remember it for life. The last thing a guy wants is to have his girlfriend or wife think that he’s a total failure. If your guy has a dream he wants to pursue, never ever discourage him. If you love him, you’ll stand by his side and support him. Let your man spread his wings and attempt to fly. If he crashes, then you can sit him down and talk about it. The moment you dash his dreams or tell him to “get a real job”, your guy will resent you. He might even seek comfort in someone who does believe in him and support him.

Being Clingy/Suffocation: Spending every waking moment on your man’s hip, will drive him bonkers. Men need their space to be themselves. Inviting yourself to outings with his friends or co-workers is a huge mistake. You have your own friends and so does he. Surprising your man at work is okay sometimes, but never make it a habit. One of the best parts of any relationship is that anticipation that builds when you know you’re going to see your guy/girl after a long day

Hanky Panky: Most people would say that men crave intercourse more than woman. But the truth is that women just know how to hide better. No man expects his wife or girlfriend to satisfy him 24/7. But withholding sex from him won’t help your relationship either. Even if you aren’t in the mood, I’m sure your guy can put you in the mood. There are tons of ways to sexually please your man without engaging in intercourse. Men do like sex, but sometimes they just need to release built-up tension. If you use your imagination, you can definitely think up ways to please your guy. If you aren’t taking care of your man’s desires and needs, he might look for gratification elsewhere. Take one for the team ladies.

It’s hard to find a good man, but it’s pretty easy to keep a good man. Take some time to analyze your man and how he operates. There are general things that men as a gender don’t like. However, no two men desire the same things. Never take your man for granted, he just might not be there when you least expect it.


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