5 Ways To Find the Perfect Work Shoes

When shopping for shoes for everyday office wear, women tend to have a debate inside their heads: should these shoes allow comfort or project fashion forward sense and style? Will it be the boring, flat, bulky shoes or the sky-high pointy high heels that would complete your outfit? Although it might seem trivial for other people, picking out the right shoe is really important as one spends most of the day walking around in them.

Here are five tips to keep in mind while shopping for work shoes:

1. Pick shoes that you can walk in

Most jobs require one to get up from their desk—either walk across the office to go to their boss’ office, run down a block to buy coffee, or stand for hours while doing a presentation. When buying shoes, it’s important that the fit is comfortable—toes aren’t cramped, the size is correct, straps aren’t clamping too hard down your ankle. One would like to be able to concentrate on her presentation rather than worry about her throbbing big toe on a shoe that’s probably a size smaller than expected.

2. Heel height: yes, it matters!

Just because one can’t stand the pain of the sexy stiletto like most powerful career women in Hollywood movies, doesn’t mean she have to switch to plain and boring flats for work. More often than not, adding a little height to one’s shoes gives your outfit and your confidence a boost. Four-inch heels are not necessarily the only choice—there are a lot of other options like kitten heels, or 2-inch heels that are equally sexy and snazzy like their stiletto counterparts.

3. Choose the right color

Remember that these shoes are meant for day-to-day office work, not a party, so choose the color of your shoes carefully. Some might opt to stick to the classic black color as it goes well with any outfit, but you can try other earth colors such as beige or dark brown if it’s more up your color palette. The key is picking a color that goes well with most of your outfits, and will suit your office dress code too.

4. Durability

Nobody wants that embarrassing Mentos moment where your shoes break down in a middle of an important client call. Make sure that your shoes will last longer that the time it took for you to choose them, especially if you’re going to wear them almost everyday.

5. Buy a classic style

It is sometimes tempting to buy shoes that are trendy or in season, but remember that trends change often. Buy a classic high heel that has a good height and comfortable enough for you to walk around the office during the day, but still fashionable enough for you to wear to an impromptu office dinner at night.

Women shouldn’t sacrifice their comfort for their style or vice-versa. A certain comfort level should be achieved in without letting your colleagues brand you as a fashion victim. Colleagues, clients, and your boss will notice if you took enough time and care in your appearance, so always having the right shoes and being confident in them matters.


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