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6 Hot Tips To Force People To Read Your Article

  • By Kurt Naulaerts
  • Published 03/15/2009
  • Article Writing

Not everyone likes to write articles or papers in general. In fact, most people just feel that it is a hassle, waste of time, and entirely too much work. On the other side of the coin, some people do not particularly like reading articles either, this is particularly true if the article is dull, bland, and completely boring. However, articles are meant to be read. If they were not, what would be the whole purpose of writing them? If you do not mean anyone to read them, it is simply a waste of effort and time on your part. No matter, in order for articles to be read, they must be written. It is simply a matter of making them worth the read. Making a read worthy article does not have to be hard and stressful. However, there are a few points you may need reminded of, and a few guidelines to follow. Profitable for your business and your website, once you get the hang of it, writing articles can be a very fun adventure. One thing to keep in mind, you should write articles about topics you are versed in. You own a website. You probably have knowledge about the overall theme and topic. When it comes to writing an article about that topic, you will not have to do much research because you already have a good idea about what it is and what it is all about. It is simply a matter of making the articles interesting and creative. To ensure that the articles are enjoyed and read, here are six red hot tips on how to do just that. Following these six tips will help ensure that the articles are both interesting and worthy of a read.

1) Always write short paragraphs. With a long paragraph, the words tend to become jumbled in the readers mind just by looking at it. This alone can cause confusion and possibly tempt the reader to move on to something else. Readers want something easy to read, as well

as easy on the eyes. Paragraphs do not have to be five sentences long, like we learned in school. They can be just one sentence or even one word! 2) Make sure you use bullet points and numbers. When you have a point to make, bullets and number can do the trick. It identifies key areas and makes the whole article easier to digest and remember for the reader. However, as important as it is to use bullets and numbers, remember not to over use them. Keep the article uniform and friendly all the way around. Furthermore, indented bullets and numbers will create a more interesting read and become particularly appealing to the eyes. 3) Make use of sub-headings. It will still be one complete article, but will identify key points that the readers should be looking for. It also provides a break from the traditional paragraphs and long, drawn out articles. It is generally easier for the reader all together as they move from one point to another. This makes for a smoother and easier transition . 4) Use a header or title that grabs the attention. The title must entice the curiosity within the reader. If you have done this, you are that much further in getting the article read. Keywords, questions, and statements can all be used to generate a catchy article title. It should be thought provoking and interesting, all the while clear and concise at the same time. 5) Maintain the interest of the reader from start to finish. From the first paragraph to the last, use situations that the reader can relate to. Make sure you use accurate information and metaphors to get to the point. The whole key to writing an article is to make the entire experience more enjoyable and pleasurable.

6) If you have facts and figures, use them. People love facts especially if they are accurate. However, make the article laid back and personal, depending on the topic. Make the reader feel as if you know exactly how they feel, what they want, and what they need.



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