6 Tips For Targeting Body Cleanse

Body cleansing methods when done properly are of immense value in maintaining good health. They help you detoxify body systems, by getting rid of toxins from the blood, lymph, kidneys, and liver and work just like fasting. Once you know how some of these work you will be able to decide how best to go about customizing some to suit your needs, as there is only one person who knows your body best; you. If you can fast regularly, there is nothing like it to detoxify the body. To this you can also add a good massage, colonics and a change in your diet. Here are some tips to guide you.

1. Losing weight

If you are aiming at losing weight, the first thing is to bring about a change in your diet. It may seem tough to start with, but when you see results like higher energy levels, reversal in aging, more self-esteem and confidence, a glowing skin and a general feeling of wellness, you will be encouraged to go ahead. After all, nothing succeeds like success! Working on a diet calls for a sense of discipline and strict adherence to a few dos and don’ts. Cutting down on junk food, desserts and sweets is the first step. Junk food is known to be replete with food preservatives and additives that reduce its nutritional value. You may probably be unaware that chemicals present in junk food mimic thyroid hormones and make your digestion sluggish, thus making weight loss all the more difficult. Choose foods that are high on fiber like oats, organically cultivated grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and gluten free foods like Soya beans and chickpeas. Dietary fiber can enhance cleansing. Go for a diet that is fiber-rich. Doing cardio exercises or taking a daily brisk 30-minute walk just before a meal will improve metabolism and also help to lose weight.

2. The importance of supplements

Supplements are of immense value when it comes to a body cleanse because they can heal. Some have the ability to actually absorb toxins and help in elimination of waste products. Isabgul or Psyllium is one such cleanser and is fiber-rich. It also adds bacteria that can soften any build up of fecal matter in the colon, making elimination easier. Vitamin supplements need to be added to your diet, particularly if you have other health issues that call for healing. This is because healing of body tissues requires ten times more nutrition than normal body processes do. Inflammation requires EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) for healing as it could lead to chronic disease if untreated. Here is where a food supplement helps: it reverses the process.

3. Body cleansing with MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage)

It is possible to cleanse lymph by a process called Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). This procedure consists of a gentle massage that induces cleansing of the lymph and also stimulates its circulation in the body. Crystals formed in the lymph have a tendency to slow down the circulation of lymph. MLD works by acting on the crystals that get formed in the lymph. It breaks up the crystals that build up in body tissue. This helps lymph to circulate naturally and improves blood circulation too. All this eventually means better distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the body parts through the blood. Lymph carries protector cells and fights infection. It also helps drain out waste and toxins. Gentle massage through MLD therefore, targets detoxification and can also boost your immunity.

4. Colonic irrigation or colonics for body cleansing

As the name suggests, is a process for cleansing the colon, the place where fecal build up can cause problems. This can be done through the use of herbal remedies or laxatives. Enemas and colon hydrotherapy also fall under this category. Increasing dietary fiber has a similar effect. Colonics help by improving the tone of intestinal muscles. This results in better peristalsis during bowel movements. It is not unusual for some people to report weight loss with colonics, particularly when they use herbal remedies for the purpose. A sluggish colon can build up toxins in muscular tissue and fat cells and every other space in the body where they can lodge themselves! It is therefore, natural to lose weight when elimination channels are purged of any waste that was previously stored as weight! Fiber-rich flax seeds also help detoxification by making elimination easier.

5. Saunas as a body cleansing method

Saunas can stimulate and improve circulation of blood throughout the body. When blood circulation is stimulated and improved, nutrients get properly transported within the body and this helps to eliminate waste. Many of the toxins that find their way into our bodies come through metals and pesticides present in the food we eat. Saunas can help to eliminate these toxins. Some people who regularly use saunas have also reported an improvement in mental sharpness. This can be attributed to the relaxed feeling that comes after a sauna.

6. Yoga, breathing exercises, Reiki and meditation for body cleanse

We all need to realize that stress is the major factor that causes a build up of toxins in the body and stress can be handled by breathing exercises, yoga, daily exercise, Reiki and meditation. Adding some of these to your regular routine helps disposal of toxins on a daily basis. Ridding oneself of negative emotions through breathing exercises and meditation is also detoxification and eventually improves physical health too! Reiki practitioners will know that Reiki hand positions like the liver; kidneys, ears and soles of the feet are targeted at removing body toxins. After all, the mind-body connection must be acknowledged. Experience the difference by finding out what works best for you and make it a regular practice.

An important tip while trying out any body cleanses is to drink plenty of water; it helps to flush out toxins.


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