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7 Book Writing Mistakes That May Keep Your Book Manuscript Marked Unfinished

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 09/2/2011
  • Writing

Are you still struggling to finish your book manuscript? No worries! You can do it this year. You might be making the same mistakes a friend of mine kept making. It kept his book manuscript marked unfinished and in limbo for years. You don’t have to be like him. You can put a stop to these book writing mistakes and finally stamp your book finished. If you want to finish in the NOW, stop making these mistakes: 1. Failure to start. Stop procrastinating. Don’t wait any longer. Procrastination can stem from several different things. I’ve discovered over the years; it mostly stems from fear. You might ask fear of what? Good question! Plenty of people are afraid of failing and success. 2. Failure to plan. Get a book writing plan. Sign up for a course, read a book writing book or hire a book writing coach to help you plan. Either way, the trite words of wisdom are still true. A failure to plan is a plan to fail. Finish your manuscript on purpose. Don’t set yourself up for an unfinished manuscript by not planning. Even if it’s a simple intent goal like “I finish my manuscript (title of book) in this month by (exact date and year.) I educate myself to make sure I know how to get it done.” Set a plan in place and record it on paper so you can hit the mark and stamp finished on your manuscript. 3. Failure to focus. Apply laser focus to finish your book manuscript in record time. For instance, if you look at any low watt bulb, the light is soft. Yet a surgeon can take a similar low watt of laser light in an instrument and perform laser surgery. Laser light when directed in an instrument becomes a focused stream of light that can cut through objects like a sharp knife, even to the point of cutting and searing flesh. To use laser focus in finishing your book manuscript, set your priorities, focus on one project at a time and complete one chapter before you start another. 4. Failure to commit.


ke a commitment to finish your manuscript. Let’s face the facts; if you don’t make a commitment to do it you may never finish. Somehow our human nature will slack off; especially if there’s nothing in place to hold us to it. After making a commitment, take it one step further to seal it; write it down. Not only write it down but post it somewhere you can see it on a regular basis. 5. Failure to choose well. Take a moment and choose well. I advocate choosing a topic you are passionate about. Select something you can still be excited about a couple of years from now. Why? Because, your passion will drive or nudge you forward when the going gets tough. Or you are so tired of working on this endless manuscript that you could quit. If you are working on something that you are passionate about, it won’t be such a big deal to keep learning, discovering and writing your book to completion. 6. Failure to educate oneself. Invest in educating yourself about book writing. Successful writers use a system of writing their books to meet deadlines, complete and make it to the finish line of a finished manuscript. Again, sign up for a book writing course to educate yourself on the discipline of writing a book. There are lots of great book writing programs to choose from these days. 7. Failure to get right perspective. Realize it may be hard work involved with finishing your book. Know for sure if it was that easy everyone would be doing it. But with the right perspective and diligence you can do it. Make up your mind to not quit and do what it takes to finish.

Get off the merry go round. You know the spinning wheel; the track of failure that keeps you going around and around. If you don’t get started, you will be this time next year looking at the same unfinished manuscript. Implement the simple tips above: get started, create a plan, make a commitment, apply laser focus, choose well, educate yourself and get right perspective from someone who knows. Before you k now it, you will join the elite circle of authors who stamped FINISHED on their manuscript. Best wishes for your success!



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