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7 Book Writing Tips that Stamp Pro On Your Book

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Non-Fiction

Have you picked up a book to read and noticed a wall of text or a confusing order? Did it inspire you to read on? Or did it cause you to lose heart and put the book down? The truth is poor organization is a turn off to most book readers. Chances are the author does not get a second chance. Not many will wade through sloppy book writing and organization to get to the real message. Excellent book organization pulls your readers in for the read. Whether you are writing solutions for your clients in the work field or inspirational tips for the volunteers in a cause, your well organized words will work powerfully for you. Ready to write a book your readers love to read? Start with this short checklist to translate your professionalism to more profits. Then write your ticket to success through a well organized book. 1. Write attention grabbing chapter titles. Do your chapter titles do their job? I mean do they help explain what’s in your book? Do they capture the interest, engage, or shock the senses of your potential reader. Chapter titles set the stage for your potential audience. They work to grab your potential reader by the collar and pull them in for the read. 2. Craft easily noticed headlines. Add magnetic pulling power and punch to every chapter that will help get your message read. Use your headlines to create excitement, anticipation and enthusiasm for more. Express the heart and passion of your message through your headlines.

3. Write body copy that aids readability. Aim for short sentences and paragraphs. Slash your sentences to under 15-17 words. Don’t bog your rea

ders with complex sentences. Remember multiple phrases slow your reader’s comprehension. Make it easy. Get to the point fast. 4. Use sub-headings and bullets to further organize. Don’t forget to use your title writing skill for your chapter sub-headings. Even bullet points will have pulling power if they are developed correctly. Take every opportunity to keep leading your reader along with attention keeping sub-headings and bullets. 5. Insert graphics that explain not distract. Choose your graphics carefully. They must flow with the theme of your book. Make them further explain your topic. If you choose graphics poorly, they end up distracting your reader. Distracted readers may fall asleep and miss your important message. 6. Develop pull quotes that summarize. Use pull quotes sparingly but do use them. To make an important point in your chapter, put it in the pull quote. Many times your readers will read the pull quotes first. Then you get to emphasize the point again when they’re reading the regular part of the chapter. 7. Apply white space. Never make your book look like a wall of text. You will frighten lots of readers away and they may never read your message. Most readers start out as skimmers. Your job is to snag their attention with your well organized copy including white space and attention grabbing headlines throughout your book.

Are you ready to stamp pro on your self published book? Remember to write sizzling chapter titles, craft easily noticed headlines, write body copy that aids readability, use sub-headings to further organize, insert graphics that explain, develop pull quotes to summarize important points and don’t forget white space. Now go; write a book your readers will love to read and make us all proud!



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