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7 Great Search Engine Optimization Copywriting Tips

  • By Jimmy Cox
  • Published 10/6/2010
  • Copywriting

At first glance, writing for the web seems to be very easy. All copy should be short, direct to the point and with keywords put in the right places. But when your web copy gets too few visitors, that is when you start to think about your own writing skills. Learn these seven search engine optimization copywriting suggestions to help you with your online marketing. 1. Do your keyword research first. For your website to become successful, it has to be found by as many people as possible through the search engines. This is through what is called the organic search and it is fueled by the keywords that people type there to look for something. Therefore it is important that you first conduct a keyword research to find out what key phrases are people would normally use to get to your site. 2. Research about your topic. Now that you have the best keyword to optimize your copy, the next thing that you should do is to research about the topic of your article. All good old copywriting tips will teach you about learning all that you can about your topic before you should even start typing the first words of your copy. 3. Write for human readers.

You probably already know that search engines use what they call spiders to crawl your website and find out what keywords they should associate to your website. Now with that knowledge in hand, you should avoid the temptation of stuffing your keywords in every instance that you can get because it would always result to an unreadable article. It is the people w

ho eventually would make your site a success, not the spiders. Therefore base your search engine optimization copywriting efforts more for the human readers. 4. Keep it short. People have a very short attention span when it comes to reading online. And they seldom actually read, but more on browse the web pages. For this reason, it is best that you make your paragraphs as concise as possible and to not go beyond more than 2,000 words. Of course it really depends on the topic of your article. 5. Create a title that grabs attention. Again, people love to browse and not read so with that fleeting moment that you get the chance, grab their attention by writing a really good title. What this means is that your title should be exciting, intriguing, instantly recognizable as alluding to a very informative, and therefore a worthwhile read. 6. Deliver on what your title says about the body of the copy. There are many writers who are great in writing catchy titles but when you start to read the body of the article, it was just all fluff and no real weight. That is why you must make sure that the rest of your copy must deliver on what the title had promised. 7. Get the reader to act.

Make him click on that link or subscribe to the newsletter or bookmark the article. Whatever type of conversion you want to get from the reader, it is wise to put a call to action in the last paragraph to at least make the reader feel like you are really talking to him and making him part of what the article is talking about. This is one great search engine optimization copywriting tip that you should always keep in mind.



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