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7 Inspiring Reasons to Write a Book

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 08/6/2009
  • Writing

Are you looking for someone to inspire you? Why not activate the law of reciprocity by inspiring someone else first. Write the book you’ve been dreaming of writing and you may inspire a whole generation. You could take your natural wisdom or professional expertise and write it into a book. Your audience is waiting for you to inspire them. They’ll love you for it. They’ll buy your book and become fans of yours. They will tell all their friends about your wonderful book. It will happen all because you decided to share your wisdom in a book. Here’s 7 more inspiring reasons to write a book: 1. Write a book and leave a legacy. We all leave legacies in our lives to our children or those we have influenced along the way. After realizing that, our job becomes to leave the best legacy we can. Aim to fill your book with timeless information. Use principles and laws that aren’t subject to change with each season. Write your book this way and it is sure to inspire those in the next generation and beyond. 2. Write a book and change destinies. It’s intriguing how a couple of words can make a difference in one’s life. Don’t be careless with what you put in your book. You have the opportunity to change a heart or mind with your words. Perhaps you are writing a book to inspire others about your favorite cause. Weigh your words carefully to influence your audience and perhaps change their destiny.

3. Write a book and inspire others for good. Inspire others with success experiences that motivate your audience to do more, give more or share more? Share your experiences to motivate your audience. Share how you overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges in your life or professional field. It will mo

tivate your audience to think if you did it; they can do it too. 4. Write a book and activate the law of reciprocity. The law of reciprocity simply put says what you give out will come back to you. So if you are looking for inspiration, why not give inspiration in your book? It will surely come back to you; usually it comes back in a way you least expect it. 5. Write a book and create your own destiny. Take destiny in your own hands and shape your life and future. Stop waiting around for some big name publisher to commission you to write the next best seller. Make your own commitment to write your book and inspire your world in the process. 6. Write a book and dream bigger dreams. Many aspiring authors kill their dreams with small thinking. They listen to those around them telling them they can’t because neither of you know anyone that did. Be the first; dream a bigger dream. My vote says you can. All you need is one other vote to get it done. That vote is yours. Vote yes; write your inspirational book and inspire those you influence. 7. Write a book and touch lives. Will your book offer a greater understanding of life? Have you been gifted with a deep wisdom about life? Put small excerpts of your understanding throughout your book. Sprinkle your quotes along with other famous philosophers or world thinkers within your book. If you have special understanding of human nature, bless the global community with it in your book.

Are you excited about inspiring others with your completed book yet? Don’t keep waiting for inspiration to come to you. You could be this time next year looking for that experience. Go ahead; write your very own book and inspire others. Then get in expectancy for the law of reciprocity to work; some wonderful things are coming your way. Here’s to seeing your inspirational words in print!



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