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7 Mind Blowing Reasons To Write A Book

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 08/17/2009
  • Writing

Do you feel like a stick in the mud when it comes to writing your book? You’ve come to a stand still, a road block where you can go no further. No worries; you may just need to open your mind a little; change your thinking. Look for a paradigm shift or a fresh perspective. Before you know it you will be sailing past that impasse blocking your way a few moments ago. At least that’s what happened for the author. Years ago, I was thinking all day about how to get my message out in a bigger way. During the day, I thought briefly about writing a book. I discarded it thinking I didn’t have the smarts to do that. Later in the evening, a friend walked up and said, “What are you waiting on? I know this guy who has written his book and started on another by now. I know you are just as smart as or smarter than he is.” That fresh perspective from my friend was all the push I needed to make it happen. I purchased books, enrolled in courses, asked my friends, made a commitment, wrote my first book and never looked back. Here are 7 mind blowing reasons to help clear your mind and write your book this year: 1. Write a Book and express what YOU have to say. Don’t be a copycat. Even if you’re saying the same thing, find your unique presentation point. Why do you think new diet books released every year continue to sell well? It’s because every physical fitness trainer, dietician or nutritionist has their unique plan, their unique steps and victorious customers that swear by it. 2. Write a Book and find a commonality with your reader. You have something in common with every potential reader of your market. For instance, you just wrote a book for new tennis players. Find out what all new tennis players have in common and speak to that commonality in your book. It may be that most new tennis players make a certain mistake when serving. Solve that problem for your readers and they will love you. It will create a connection, a sense of knowing. They will feel that you are talking directly to them.

3. Write a Book and increase your communication skills. Continue to develop your communication skills. As you keep an open mind to learning and improvement, you will become a

better educator in your book. Have you wondered why some books are compelling and others are boring? Don’t get me wrong, I know there are some naturally great communicators. But for most of us, we have developed and perfected our communication skills to become compelling. 4. Write a Book and gain valuable new skills. If this is your first book, you may have to learn new things to get it done. You may have to take a writing class, a computer class, hire an editor or a book coach. You may have to learn to speak in front of people to promote your book. Or you may need to improve your existing skills. Just remember whatever new skills you gain will translate to other areas in your life. New skills will boost your value in the business world and even socially. 5. Write a Book and open the world to your message. Get rid of local thinking when it comes to your book. Think global; the world is waiting for your unique message. After you write your book and it is made available throughout the world, it will be normal for you to receive email and notes from readers in other countries. 6. Write a Book and elevate your consciousness. Raising your consciousness is the process of seeking, especially through writing a book, to increase awareness of one’s role, attitudes, needs, etc. in connection with the personal, social problems of modern life. As your message begins to crystallize during the writing process, your book will raise your consciousness of how the solutions inside fit into and make our world a better place. 7. Write a Book and receive a paradigm shift. Completing your book will open you to a new way of thinking. It may even give you a paradigm shift. Don’t do the same things you’ve been doing for years and expect new results. That’s insanity. Think outside the box to deliver unique solutions to your reader. Find a system to get your book done fast. Say goodbye to all your friends who say you can’t. At least say goodbye until you finish your book. Then re-unite and celebrate your achievement.

So what are you waiting for? Your competitors have already discovered how to put their message into book form. Remember, if you’re stuck consider the mind blowing reasons above and gain a fresh perspective that will carry you to the finish line of a completed book. I can’t wait to see your name in print! Best wishes for your book writing project.



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