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7 Mini Article Templates That Make Your Articles Pull Traffic Like a Magnet

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 08/5/2009
  • Article Writing

Does your article have any magnetic pull? It should; it should pull traffic to your web page like a magnet. Yet, it’s often the exact opposite that happens. You only get a few minutes to capture the attention of your potential visitors. How will your article measure up in those few minutes? Write online articles that pull traffic to your website like a magnet. Develop them to grab your possible visitors by the eyeballs and compel them to go visit. Here are seven strategies to write articles that create that magnetic pull: 1. Things to You Need to Know Article. Sometimes certain fields are shrouded in mystery, lack of knowledge and even mistrust by the public. You can write an article that pulls the shroud away. For example, for many they don’t know what to ask lawyers, doctors and even realtors when hiring their services. Sample titles include: 10 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Tax Accountant, Top 10 Things to Know About Reverse Mortgages, 7 Things to Know About Starting an Internet Business. 2. Things You Get to Do After Article. You can entice your readers into taking the action you want them to take. Tell them about the rewards or benefits of accomplishing a certain task. For example, a community college might list the benefits of having a college education. Sample titles are: 7 Thrilling Things You Get to Do After You Get Your College Degree, 7 Exciting Things You Get to Do After Writing Your Book, 7 Wonderful Things You Get to Do After You Start Your New Job. 3. The Magic of Article. Everyone wants the magic pill. You know the one that makes the problem go away. Write the solution for a pressing problem in your field. Outline the solution into easy steps. Your readers will love you for it and make your article go viral by sending it to all their friends. Sample titles might be: The Magic of Buying a House, The Magic of Fly Fishing, The Magic of Owning a Franchise. 4. Professional Checklist. Do you have a professional checklist of things you do over and over again in your business? If you don’t mind sharing it, you can write that checklist into a helpful article.

For example, I wrote a website checklist for newbie website owners that wanted to profit from their sites. Sam

ple titles are: Help Your New Business Pass the Profit Test, 10 Point House Buying Analysis, 7 Ways to Still Sell Houses During an Economic Downturn. 5. Question or Answer Article. This is a popular format for everyone wants their questions answered in a 123 fashion. If only all questions could be answered in a numbered method. Discover your audience’s burning questions that you have the answers for. List the questions; write a short paragraph that answers each question. Write a short introduction and even shorter summary. There you have it. Create an easy to read and easy to digest short article answering your audience’s most pressing questions. Sample titles could be: 10 Questions Most Medical Interns Need to Ask But Don’t, 5 Questions You Need to Ask Before You Hire a Tree Specialist, 3 Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor During Your Annual Checkup. 6. Problems or Solution Articles. I absolutely love this format. I myself have gotten tons of problems solved with this format, after reading someone’s problem/solution article. Therefore, many of my business problems that I solve become guess what kind of article? Yes. You are right; they become problem/solution articles. Simply describe the problem in one short paragraph and offer the solution in a one sentence paragraph below it. Or vice versa, describe the problem in a one sentence paragraph and give the solution in the longer paragraph. Sample titles include: 7 Worst Website Problems and the Solutions to Them All, 5 Answers to Your Frizzy Hair Problems, 3 Ways to Quiet a Crying Baby in the Middle of the Night. 7. Lies or Truth Articles. The myth or truth format is another format that I use often in my writing. I guess because there are plenty of myths to destroy in any field. No, really I don’t see it used as much as the other formats. So it becomes one of my attempts to be different. Also, you can easily convert other formats of yours. For example, if you are inspired by another writer’s topic instead of plagiarizing their work simply turn their list of mistakes into secrets or solutions. Simply present the facts in your own voice and viewpoint. Sample titles are: 5 Myths that Block You From Getting Into College, 7 Myths that Keep You From Writing Your Book, 5 Myths that Stop You From Going to the Dentist When You Should.

Use the article templates above to pull traffic to your web page like a magnet. Are you ready to write your articles in 30 minutes or less?



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